The Weirdest Place I’ve Ever Talked To My Therapist

Published on: 13 Jul 2017
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At Talkspace we have spent plenty of time talking about how you can sign up and text a therapist from anywhere. But what exactly does that look like?

To paint a more vivid picture of how people are using Talkspace, we reached out to our clients and asked them to send us details on interesting and unusual places where they have texted their therapist. They showed us that “anywhere” really can mean anywhere.

Here are some of the places and situations they shared:

At Work


It can be difficult to leave work to meet a therapist in an office. Most traditional therapists only work during business hours. Many employees do not work in environments that promote openness regarding mental health and therapy, so they are afraid to ask for time off to commute to a therapist’s office.

Texting a therapist during breaks at work allows employees to avoid these issues. It can be especially useful if they are texting about something work-related, perhaps an important issue they might forget about if they had to wait until after work.

In the Bathroom

Texting on the toilet may be a little unhygienic, but sometimes a bathroom or stall is the only place to get some alone time. It can be difficult for clients to send an emotionally-charged text or read a moving response from a therapist when people are around and can see them. Few people are comfortable crying in the middle of a public place. The bathroom offers a respite where they can let it out without worry.

During Social Events or Gatherings

Being able to text your therapist anytime and anywhere is useful for coping with social anxiety. Many of your clients have texted their therapists right in the middle of a party or other kind of social event. Some have even retreated to the nearest bathroom and sent the texts there.

In a Cab, Subway, Plane, Train, Boat, etc.


Many of our clients text their therapists during commutes. They are great opportunities to transform idle time into a session to improve mental health. For people who have a fear of flying, texting before boarding a plane or before liftoff can make a huge difference.

At the Hospital

Dealing with medical issues can take a toll on mental health. This is why our clients often use Talkspace before a medical appointment or during a stay in the hospital. For example, one of our clients texted his therapist in a changing room at a radiology center.

At the Beach


One of our clients texted his therapist while he was at a beach during his vacation to Hawaii. He was having a good time, but there were some anxieties and stressors in the back of his mind.

In a Park


Parks can be perfect places to relax, meditate, and journal some thoughts for a therapist to look at later. Taking any sort of walk in nature is also good for mental health.

While Giving Birth


We’re not kidding. One of our clients told us she left her therapist some audio messages while going into labor. Apparently the contractions weren’t intense enough to stop her from “taking care of things around the house” and using Talkspace.

Where Have You Texted Your Talkspace Therapist From?

Have you texted your Talkspace therapist from an interesting place or during an unusual situation that should be on this list? If so, please send an email to Joseph at [email protected].

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