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At Talkspace, we believe that therapy is for all regardless of age, background, race, or sexual orientation. People who identify as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQIA+) community are unfortunately more likely to experience mental health conditions or face events that can seriously harm their mental health. To help ensure that our LGBTQIA+ members are in the most capable hands, we strive towards building a diverse, experienced provider network that can best support all of our users.

We select therapists who value

  • Experience - Many identify as LGBTQIA+ or have worked with LGBTQIA+ clients.
  • Empathy - Judgment and stigma have no place in our care spaces.
  • Personalized care - Find a therapist who gets you. If it’s not working out, switch for free.
  • Accessibility - Unlimited text, audio, and video messages as well as live video sessions.

HOW Talkspace WORKS

Whether you are seeking gender-affirming therapy or just someone who understands the LGBTQIA community, Talkspace believes that the power of therapy is amplified when you see a provider who truly understands you. Here's how the therapist-matching process works at Talkspace

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LGBTQIA+ mental health support the way you need it


Online therapy from a licensed LGBTQIA+ therapist on a secure online platform, with the option to use a name that does not match your official documents.

Couples therapy

Relationship-centered LGBTQIA+ counseling which helps strengthen the connection between you and your partner(s).


Evaluations and psychiatric medication management from a medical professional.

Teen therapy

Specialized therapy for ages 13-17 who may be exploring questions of gender identity.

Renee Daley, LCSW

Licensed Talkspace Therapist
Anxiety, Depression, Family conflict...

Neal Bauer, CP

Licensed Talkspace Therapist
ADHD, Depression, Anger management...

Jill Daino, LCSW

Licensed Talkspace Therapist
Grief, Anxiety, Eating disorder treatment…

Janelle Corrie, LCSW

Licensed Talkspace Therapist
Self-esteem, Anxiety, Career counseling...

Bisma Anwar, LMHC

Licensed Talkspace Therapist
Depression, Family conflict, Domestic…

Talkspace therapists are here for you

Talkspace therapists can help you navigate issues ranging from relationships and coming out to discrimination, harassment, gender identify, and more. Our free consultation process will help you or someone you know within the LGBTQIA+ community connect with an LGBTQIA+ therapist who makes you feel comfortable, understood and accepted.
Anxiety & Stress
Trauma & grief
Substance abuse
Coping skills
Family conflict
Anger management
Childhood abuse
Mood disorders
Eating disorders
Chronic illness
and more...

Research on the Effectiveness of Online Therapy

Clients experiencing clinically significant change within...

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More than 60,000 5-star reviews

Indra Klavins

Since in person therapy is unrealistic, I identified the attributes that I was looking for in a therapist & headed over to @talkspace. I’m only one day in & couldn’t be happier about my experience. If you’re having a tough time & have the means, give them a shot. #mentalhealth


Wow, I just saw an ad on TV that Talkspace is now covered by insurance. That is a really positive thing. 👍🏽 @talkspace


S/o to @talkspace for providing a platform where I can leave messages for my therapist at anytime.


It’s 9:48 at night and because of @talkspace I’m talking to a therapist 🥺 🙌🏽

Alya Nabulsi

Incredibly grateful for @talkspace getting me the best therapist. I’ve really (and seriously) been making progress. Night y’all 😴🌟


Shoutout to my therapist via @Talkspace. The best money I’ve ever spent in a long time.

Hugh Webber

Two weeks ago, I personally started working with a Talkspace therapist for the 1st time.

For years I’ve travelled the country talking about relationships of influence, but I’ve used that travel as an excuse not to seek the support I know I need.

This pause gave me time to act.

I use @talkspace and it’s changing my life. Ask me anything if you’re curious! #BreakTheStigma

My therapist is black and very easy to talk to. I like to journal, so Talkspace is more comfortable for me to express myself.

socially distant mothman

i started using talkspace and i really like it!

Kayla Nicole 😊

Thank god for talkspace therapy. Sending my therapist messages at 2 in the morning feels less weird when that's how most of your communication occurs.

Ed Campos Jr.

I'm just gonna give a big plug for therapy this morning.I really enjoying the value my @talkspace therapist provides.

I ❤️ that when I chose the therapist, I watched video introductions & then choose one I felt I would relate to most.#BreakTheStigma

i bite racists

So I recently started using @talkspace for online therapy and I refuse to shut up about it. I can text my therapist whenever I want through the app, there are tons of stress relief/coping exercise on the app, AND ALL BLACK PEOPLE get a discount in support of #BLM. It’s like THAT!


@talkspace I just want to say thank you 🙏🏽

Cheya Thousand

S/O to @talkspace love when my therapist is like “Hey Gurl Hey just checking on you!” 💜

Sammy Keyes

I like Talkspace. It’s nice to be able to say what I need to, and have somebody check in with me daily giving me feedback. It makes me feel more grounded and determined to do things.

Zaya Wade stan account

Getting a panic attack and an anxiety attack at the same time truly sucks. But I am forever grateful for Talkspace being 24/7.


My favorite part of my day is when I get a notification from Talkspace informing me that my therapist has sent me a message.

JD Groover

For real. @talkspace has helped me out so much. I was always scared of therapy. But man it helps. I wanna be an advocate. Depression is real. Anxiety is real. Not good to keep it bottled up. Worth every penny

knit to forget

I love Talkspace. I don’t bill my insurance. Therapist is amazing. It is like a journal that gives you great feedback. If I had to balance appts into my life I’d be stressed. I can write to her whenever I want and whenever I think of something.

Money Magnet Me

Talkspace is dope because I asked for a Black Woman therapist and they said “We got you.”

Bridgette Christine

I absolutely love @talkspace, being able to talk to your therapist instantly at a moments notice is wonderful.

Chelsea Clements

🗣I've engaged in therapy/counseling on-and-off for 20 years and never has it been easier or better than with @talkspace in the past few months. Highly recommend.

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What is LGBTQIA+ counseling?

LGBTQIA+ counseling is therapy with a focus on an experience unique to the LGBTQIA+ community. While many LGBTQIA+ folks choose to talk about coming out, discrimination, stigma and other unique LGBTQIA+ issues, others use the space to explore their identity and navigate relationship issues.

How do I find an LGBTQIA+ therapist?

Therapists who specialize in working with LGBTQIA+ individuals will indicate this area of expertise in their Talkspace profile and their biographical sketch. Potential clients will be able to easily identify a particular therapists LGBTQIA+ specialty area of expertise before starting therapy.

How do I find a gender-affirming therapist?

With Talkspace you can find LGBTQIA+ therapist who specializes in working with individuals who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming. Potential clients will be able to easily identify a particular therapist's LGBTQIA+ specialty area of expertise before starting therapy.

What does it mean to be an affirming therapist?

Affirmative therapists support LGBTQIA+ individuals by acknowledging the ways that cisnormative and heteronormative assumptions can promote stigma, discrimination, transphobia, and homophobic behaviors. Affirmative therapists practice therapy from a space of self-awareness, and they often work to advocate for the needs of LGBTQIA+ individuals. Mental health professionals practicing gender affirming therapy work respectfully with you to acknowledge your needs and thoughtfully guide you to reach your goals.

What is gender therapy, and can it be done online?

Online gender therapy is a safe and accessible option for any individual struggling with gender identity issues or simply looking to explore their gender identity with a mental health professional. Gender therapists aim to improve the quality of their patients’ lives by helping them to understand experiences with gender, whether it’s their relationship to gender expression, occurrences of gender questioning or dysphoria, or providing support throughout a gender transition. 

Individuals seeking help with gender identity issues may benefit from online gender therapy since it provides more privacy and alleviates some of the emotional stressors associated with in-person treatment. When selecting a gender therapist online, you’re no longer limited to practitioners in your area — instead, you'll have access to hundreds of mental health professionals with experience in themes like gender issues, allowing you to find the one who best suits your individual needs.

What are the advantages of online LGBTQIA+ counseling at Talkspace?

By joining Talkspace, you have the entire Talkspace online therapist network at your disposal, and if you feel like your provider is not a good fit for any reason, you can quickly switch to a different one with no questions asked. Our provider network offers hundreds of licensed professionals with years of experience in a variety of topics, including sexuality and gender identity.