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Experience the benefits of private practice without the challenges of maintaining one.

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There’s never been a better time to provide behavioral healthcare at Talkspace

With an increased demand for online therapy, Talkspace allows you to help more clients from almost anywhere.

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Competitive pay

Make almost 2x the hourly rate compared to other platforms - up to $67.50 per hour - for Live Sessions (via video, audio, or chat).

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Monthly bonus incentives

Earn monthly bonuses up to $4,000.* More time to engage with clients means more opportunities to secure your bonus.

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No overhead

We submit insurance claims, check client insurance coverage, and handle other costs associated with private practice.

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Choose your time commitment and set a schedule that works best for you and your clients.

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Free continuing education credits

Earn free continuing education credits by attending Talkspace-provided Learning Communities supported by the NBCC and ASWB.

Our mission

Making high-quality mental health support accessible to all is the Talkspace mission, and we're fulfilling it with the help of the most caring and committed mental health providers to be found.”

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What our therapists have to say

The best part [about Talkspace] is that I can set my hours to be as flexible as I need. I also choose how many clients I work with on the platform at any time. The design makes it so much easier to get notes completed, often being able to complete them right after the session ends.”

Trevor Barger, LPC

Talkspace therapist since 2022

I feel I have grown exponentially as a therapist since I joined Talkspace. I also really enjoy the flexibility with my schedule and the connections I have at Talkspace with my colleagues.”

Theresa Collins, LMFT

Talkspace therapist since 2019

There are many positive experiences being a provider on Talkspace! Having a flexible schedule is always great, being in control of your own schedule is a huge perk, and not having to deal with insurance directly is amazing.”

Elizabeth Siclari, LCAT, ATR, CCTP, EMDR-C

Talkspace therapist since 2023



To participate in the Talkspace network, all therapists are required to possess the following:

  • An active, independent US state board-approved clinical license (e.g., LCSW, LMFT, LPCC, PhD in Clinical Psychology, etc.)
  • Individual professional malpractice liability insurance policy
  • Submission of a fully completed, signed CAQH application
  • Individual NPI number
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Completed background check
  • Current residence in the USA

Note: Talkspace therapists only work with clients in the state(s) where they are licensed and allowed to practice independently

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Associate therapist

To participate in the Talkspace network, all associate therapists are required to possess the following:

  • An active, associate clinical license (e.g., LMFTA, LAC, LCSWA, etc.)
  • Master’s degree in social work, counseling, or other behavioral science
  • A supervising clinician and/or organization
  • Individual professional malpractice liability insurance policy
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Completed background check
  • Current residence in the USA

Note: Talkspace does not provide supervision—you must bring your own clinical supervisor. Get connected to supervising clinicians at Motivo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply as a Talkspace Provider?

To become a contractor, submit your application.

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How is therapy delivered on Talkspace?

Connect virtually with clients on our secure, HIPAA-compliant app. We offer asynchronous messaging via text and audio—this means your clients’ messages don’t require an immediate response, and you always have the flexibility to process and thoughtfully engage on your own schedule. Depending on the client’s plan, we also offer Live Sessions (Video, Audio, and Chat).

What kind of training does Talkspace provide?

Talkspace requires all new providers to complete a "Getting Started at Talkspace" training prior to seeing clients on the Talkspace Platform. In addition to this virtual, asynchronous training, Talkspace offers live webinars, drop-in sessions, lunch and learns, and ongoing continuing education webinars where you can earn continuing education credits! Other resources, such as the Provider Help Center, Provider Manual, and a dedicated Provider Support Team are available to help answer any questions you may have.

How long is the onboarding process?

The enrollment process varies from candidate to candidate due to different factors, such as provider engagement. The length of the onboarding process can range anywhere from three days up to two weeks, depending on the speed at which you complete the orientation tasks, etc. Please note that the credentialing process occurs simultaneously as you receive your first batch of clients.

How do I get paid?

With Talkspace, you earn money both for conducting live sessions with clients and when you message them. You can also earn bonuses for clinical engagement on the platform, which will be calculated based on your average clinical hours spent with clients on the platform per week.

How often do I get paid?

1099 providers are paid semi-monthly. All 1099/independent contractors are responsible for individual tax obligations, but Talkspace will handle all insurance billing (and credentialing) to ensure providers are paid timely and conveniently. Providers are paid via direct deposit.

What is the reimbursement rate?

You can expect to be reimbursed up to $67.90 per hour for Live Sessions (live chat or video) - nearly 2x other platforms!

Here are our rates for live sessions:

  • 30-minute session: $34.50
  • 45-minute session: $50.93
  • 60-minute session: $67.90

For asynchronous messaging sessions, you will be reimbursed differently based on client plan type:

  • Self-Pay and Direct-to-Employer Plans: $12.00 per 1000 words for text, audio, and video messages exchanged between provider and client.
  • EAP plans: Rate of $26.92 per submitted session note
  • Behavioral Health (BH) plans: Rate ranges from $17.95 - $35.89 and are based on submitted CPT Code for the session. CPT Codes should be selected based on the length of session/estimated word count (calculated based on a rate of 40 words per minute).

Our Clinical Engagement Bonus ranges from $100 to $4000, depending on the average number of clinical hours engaged with clients per week.

Do I have to check client insurance eligibility or submit claims to insurance?

No, Talkspace will manage any client eligibility and work directly with the insurance carrier as needed. You can spend your time focused on treating the client.

Who are Talkspace clients? How do I get clients?

Talkspace clients include employees seeking counseling through their organization’s benefits, individuals covered by our insurance partners, and those who sign up directly through the platform and pay ‘out of pocket’. Talkspace matches you with clients based on their state of residency and preferences, and your areas of expertise. We always handle client insurance eligibility, and handle billing with insurance companies on your behalf. 

How do I get referrals/matches?

Referrals all come to you via the Talkspace platform. Talkspace has a proprietary matching system that pairs clients with therapists using an innovative and efficient algorithm. We offer clients a choice of three providers based on criteria including, but not limited to their state of residency, presenting problem, and gender preference, as well as the providers’ areas of expertise, availability, caseload capacity, state(s) of licensure, etc.

Is it possible to be a Talkspace therapist while also doing other work? 

Yes! Talkspace can supplement existing work. As an Independent Contractor, you can dedicate as much time as you want to Talkspace. Our job is to help make your job easier and more convenient. You’ll have flexibility in your schedule while practicing the craft you love.

How often do I have to respond to clients?

Talkspace asks that you set your availability to respond to clients 5 days a week (your preferred days).

Is there a minimum number of clients I need?

There is no minimum number of clients a provider should have, and the maximum number of clients a provider can have is 100.