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Why new prescribers are joining Talkspace

We make it easy for you to do what you do best and help clients from almost anywhere.

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Choose your time commitment and set a schedule that works best for you and your clients.

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No overhead

We submit insurance claims, check patient insurance eligibility, and handle other costs associated with private practice.

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Reliable income

Determine your schedule and caseload without worrying about variable costs eating into your income.

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Manage cases, prescriptions, and progress notes all on our platform.
All client communication is securely stored and encrypted with the same technology that banks use.
We adhere to HIPAA / HIPAA BAA regulations, state laws, and ethical codes regarding confidentiality.
Built-in mechanisms to ensure the safety of clients in case of an emergency.

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Making high-quality mental health support accessible to all is the Talkspace mission, and we're fulfilling it with the help of the most caring and committed mental health providers to be found.”
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To participate in the Talkspace network, all prescribers are required to possess the following:

  • An active and valid license in any U.S state
    ・MD/DO: You must have completed a residency in psychiatry
    ・NP: You must have either a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) certificate or 2+ of years psychiatry experience
        ・If your state requires a supervising physician, you will need to provide your own
  • Individual professional malpractice liability insurance policy
  • Submission of a fully completed and signed CAQH application
  • Individual NPI number
  • Reliable internet connection

Note: Talkspace prescribers only work with clients in the state(s) where they are licensed and allowed to practice independently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply as a Talkspace Provider?

To become a prescriber, submit your application.

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How are psychiatry sessions delivered on Talkspace?

All psychiatry sessions are conducted through Live Video Sessions (LVS) on the Talkspace platform. Between sessions, you can communicate with your patients in the chat room, whether to check in or ask clarifying questions. All full sessions (initial and follow up) must be done over LVS.

What kind of training does Talkspace provide?

Talkspace Prescribers are required to complete an asynchronous onboarding training that provides an overview of the Talkspace Platform and features prior to seeing patients at Talkspace. Other resources, such as our Provider Manual and Provider Help Center are available for Talkspace Prescribers. There is a dedicated Provider Support Team and Quality Management Team that can help answer any questions.

How long is the onboarding process?

The length of the onboarding process can range anywhere from three days up to two weeks, depending on the speed at which you complete the orientation tasks, etc.

How does prescribing work?

Talkspace works with an e-prescription service called DoseSpot. You can easily prescribe medication (excluding controlled substances) through DoseSpot, which will send your patients’ prescriptions directly to their pharmacies.

Do I have to check client insurance eligibility or submit claims to insurance?

No, Talkspace will manage any client eligibility and work directly with the insurance carrier as needed. You can spend your time focused on treating the client.

Who are Talkspace clients and how do I get clients?

Talkspace clients include employees seeking medication management through their organization’s benefits, individuals covered by our insurance partners and those who sign up directly through the platform and pay ‘out of pocket’. Talkspace matches you with clients based on your state of licensure, as well as your areas of expertise and client preferences. We always handle client insurance eligibility, and handle billing with insurance companies on your behalf.

How do I get referrals/matches?

Referrals all come to you via the Talkspace platform. Talkspace has a proprietary matching system that pairs clients with prescribers using an innovative and efficient algorithm. We offer clients a choice of three providers based on criteria including, but not limited to: their state of residency, presenting problem, and gender preference, as well as the prescriber’s areas of expertise, availability, caseload capacity, state(s) of licensure, etc.

Is it possible to be a Talkspace prescriber while also doing other work?

Yes! Talkspace can supplement existing work. You can also update your calendar within the Talkspace platform to let clients know when you have availability to schedule Live sessions, or when you are taking time off.

How often do I get paid?

With Talkspace, providers earn money for conducting live sessions with clients. Providers are paid via direct deposit.

Providers are paid semi-monthly. We pay for services rendered during the 1st - 15th of the month on the 26th and services rendered during the 16th - through the end of the month on the 11th of the following month. All providers are responsible for individual tax obligations, but Talkspace will handle all insurance billing (and credentialing) to ensure providers are paid timely and conveniently.

Is the Talkspace platform secure?

Yes, our platform is HIPAA-compliant and meets the stringent security requirements to ensure client information is protected and secure.

What is the documentation procedure?

We expect you, as the provider, to operate as you would in your private practice in regard to session notes and treatment plans. Providers should document according to standard documentation standards (e.g., SOAP format) in the “progress note” section of each client’s room. To ensure Talkspace providers are meeting the industry standard for clinical documentation, we make it easy to keep adequate and current documentation. This will also help ensure clients have timely access to their medical records. You are able to leave progress notes, psychotherapy notes, etc.

Is there an electronic health record I will have access to?

Yes! Each client has what’s called a “room” within the platform, and has their own electronic health record.