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Prioritize your mental wellness without a huge price tag. With Cigna’s mental health coverage for Talkspace, high-quality therapy and psychiatry are within reach.

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Your mental health coverage may include

Cigna behavioral health insurance plans cover effective and personalized mental health treatment at Talkspace.

Cigna-covered members will have access to a therapist within a few days, on average. You’ll be able to connect with your therapist via live sessions (video, audio, or live chat), and by exchanging text, voice, or video messages. However, the specific type of sessions covered may depend on your insurance plan.

*Copays represented are averages for Talkspace members. Please check your insurance coverage; your final copay may vary based on your coverage.

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Average Cigna member copay per session


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Comprehensive mental health solutions covered by Cigna

Achieve affordable mental health care with Cigna insurance. Partnered with Talkspace, Cigna coverage includes therapy and psychiatry services, eliminating cost barriers to better mental health.

Get affordable care, when and where you need it

Don’t let the cost of mental health care stop you from receiving the help you need. Get accessible and affordable online care covered by Cigna therapy insurance coverage at Talkspace.

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Alcohol use

Anorexia Nervosa

Antisocial personality


Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder

Bipolar I Disorder

Bipolar II Disorder

Bipolar Mixed episodes

Bipolar disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality


Conduct Disorder

Cyclothymic Disorder

Depersonalisation-Derealisation Disorder


Disruptive Behavior Disorders

Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

Dissociative Amnesia

Drug abuse

Eating disorders

Emotional disturbance

Excoriation Disorder

Forensic psychology


Gender dysphoria and gender-affirming approaches to treatment

General issues

Histrionic Personality Disorder


Impulse control disorders


Internet addiction

Issues with pornography use

Mood disorders

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality

Neurodevelopmental disorders



Oppositional Defiant Disorder


Paranoid Personality Disorder

Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymic Disorder)

Personality disorders


Quiet Borderline Personality Disorder

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria


Schizotypal Personality Disorder

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Self Harm

Sexual abuse

Sleep-wake Disorders

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Phobias

Specific Phobias


Substance Use Disorder

Suicidal Ideation



Thinking disorders

Trauma and PTSD



Video Game Addiction

150+ conditions and treatment approaches

Unlock the full potential of effective care with Cigna insurance. Cigna therapy coverage and mental health coverage includes a range of conditions that Talkspace therapists and psychiatrists can treat. Whatever your mental health needs, Cigna has you and your well-being covered at Talkspace. 

Access a wide network of support

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Access across all
50 states

Talkspace has highly qualified therapists and psychiatric providers licensed to deliver evidence-based clinical care in all 50 states.

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Diverse network of therapists
& prescribers

Our expansive network covers 150+ areas of expertise, more than a third of our providers identify as BIPOC, and 30% experienced in LGBTQIA+ issues.

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Highly qualified provider

Talkspace clinicians are fully trained, licensed, insured, credentialed, and certified according to NCQA standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cigna cover mental health care?

Yes, most Cigna therapy coverage includes mental health care. Depending on your specific plan, coverage can vary and might include therapy, psychiatry visits, prescribed medications, inpatient care for severe conditions like addiction or chemical dependency treatments, and more. Cigna mental health benefits often include counseling sessions with a licensed therapist or psychologist.

Does Cigna cover therapy?

Yes, in most instances, with Cigna insurance, therapy at Talkspace is a covered benefit. The 2014 Affordable Care Act (ACA) made it mandatory that insurance providers cover mental health care. Depending on your plan and provider, some or all of the cost may be covered by insurance. Before beginning treatment, you must check with your insurance company to confirm coverage for services rendered.

How many therapy visits does Cigna cover?

The number of therapy visits that Cigna covers varies depending on your specific insurance plan and the type of therapy. We recommend checking with Cigna directly or reviewing the details in your insurance plan to determine coverage.

Does Cigna cover online therapy?

Yes, Cigna does cover online therapy, including virtual therapy at Talkspace. You can work with a therapist or psychiatric provider via secure video chat, live video sessions, text messaging, audio calls, and live coaching sessions. 

If you’re looking for online therapy that takes Cigna, learn more about how you can use Cigna insurance and get access to important mental healthcare at Talkspace today.

Does Cigna cover psychiatry?

Cigna mental health coverage generally includes psychiatric care from a qualified mental health professional. However, you should check your specific plan details to determine what type of psychiatric coverage you have before seeking treatment. Cigna covers online appointments with Talkspace psychiatrists for evaluation, prescriptions, and medication management, but prescribed medications need to be filled at your local pharmacy.

Does Cigna require a referral to a psychiatrist?

Some plans may require a referral from a primary care physician, while others may not. Check with Cigna directly or review your insurance plan to determine if a referral is required to see a psychiatrist.

Does Cigna cover prescribed medication?

Cigna also covers medication from a licensed psychiatric provider or doctor. Check your plan details before seeking any treatment to be sure you understand your coverage. While you can get a prescription for medication with Talkspace, you will need to go to your pharmacy to have the prescription filled, and you’ll pay for the medication at the pharmacy.

What types of therapy are covered by Cigna?

Cigna has numerous choices regarding the types of therapy you can receive under your plan. 

  • Psychotherapy: A general type of therapy that includes a variety of techniques designed to address unwanted thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. 
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): Identifying and changing unhelpful and unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. At Talkspace, you can get online CBT covered by Cigna insurance.
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT): Originally used to treat borderline personality disorder and other personality disorders, DBT focuses on managing extreme or intense emotions in healthier ways. If you’re interested in this therapy approach, Cigna insurance will cover online DBT sessions.