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Busy man with backpack

What the Heck Are Job Seekers Supposed to Do?

Finding a job is never an east feat and the pandemic's economic impact has made it even more of a challenge. Use these tips to protect your well-being.
Talkspace Insurance

40 Million Americans' Gain Access to Talkspace with Insurance Coverage

To see if your insurance covers Talkspace, use these steps to access professional and accessible mental health care today.
mother and son looking at computer

5 Mental Health Tips for Surviving the School Year

These tips will help parents protect their mental health while making tough choices through the challenges of the new school year.
safe workplace coworkers

How to Tell if It’s Safe to Return to Your Place of Employment

The thought of going back to work may be extremely stressful, but knowing the precautions your employer is taking can help. Here's how.
a couple of friends taking a picture together on the street

How to Reconnect With Friends Safely and Save Your Mental Health

Setting boundaries with your loved ones allows for safe interaction and connection during the pandemic. Here's how to safely combat loneliness.

Racial Trauma at Work — Here’s What It Looks Like and How to Navigate It

When you become more aware of how workplace racial trauma manifests, you can feel more empowered to protect yourself and others.
parents getting therapy

Getting Parents Therapy Can Help Children

When parents can tackle their own mental health struggles in therapy, in turn it can help the spirits of their kids. Here's how...
Resilience Black Lives Matter

How To Stay Resilient in the Long-Term Fight For Racial Justice

In order to fight for racial justice, we must take care of ourselves in order to remain resilient. Here's how we can all do so.

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