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How To Deal With Disbelief and Cynicism During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While we may experience anger, we should aim to find common ground in order to keep our communities safe. Here's how we can work together.
how to stay mentally tough

Staying Mentally Tough During COVID-19

How can we adapt and overcome the challenging circumstances? By prioritizing our mental health. Here's how, according to a therapist.
black history, mental health care system

The Complicated Relationship Between Black Americans and the Mental Health Care System

Certain populations face more barriers to mental health care than others — particularly the Black community. Here's why.
code switching

The Mental Health Costs of Code-Switching

Code-Switching is changing the way one speaks, dresses, or engages to match another culture. Here's how it can deteriorate mental health overtime.
LGBTQ workplace discrimination

How Workplace Discrimination Impacts LGBTQ People

While workplace discrimination can impact anyone, LGBTQ+ and other minority groups are particularly at risk. Here's what to look out for...
Minority Stress Model

Understanding the Minority Stress Model

The minority stress model explains why stigmatized minority groups face chronic stress. Learn about this model, and how it can make you more empathetic.
pride parade

The History of the LGBTQ Community and Mental Health Treatment

The relationship between the LGBTQ community and mental health care hasn't always been easy. Explore this history and where it's headed in the future.
black woman asian man coordinating activism efforts on table

How Mental Health Activists Are Fighting Racism

Racism in the mental health care system that has prevented people of color from receiving proper treatment. Now activists are fighting to make changes.

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quarantined with an abuser, domestic violence

Staying Safe When Social Distancing With an Abuser

As a result of stress and isolation, survivors’ risk of abuse is exacerbated. Here are resources to keep you and your loved ones safe during quarantine.

Preventing Household Conflict When You're Stuck at Home Together

Being quarantined together can strain even the healthiest of family or roommate dynamics, often leading to conflict. Here's how to resolve it.
corona social safety

The COVID-19 Pandemic and The Dire Need for a Mental Health Safety Net

COVID-19 has highlighted and intensified the existing inequalities in Americans’ abilities to access basics like housing and healthcare. Read more.

5 Tips for Maintaining Community During the Coronavirus Crisis

Social distancing doesn't have to be lonely, use these five tips to keep your community close while staying healthy during the COVID-19 outbreak.