Therapy Thursday: Your Top 10 Questions

Published on: 25 Jul 2019
therapy thursday questions

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have noticed a recurring series of stories called Therapy Thursday. Q & A style, we give our followers a chance to ask anything they have been curious about and get answers from Talkspace therapists. Although we receive a wide variety of questions, there are a few common questions that tend to pop-up each week, which we’ll dive into with advice from Talkspace therapists Cynthia Catchings, LCSW-S, CFTP; Rachel O’Neill, Ph.D., LPCC-S; and Jill E. Daino, LCSW.

1. How Can I Talk to Loved Ones About My Mental Health?

“Use a gentle voice and reassure them that you are calm and interested in sharing information that matters to you. Try to gather informational material that supports what you will share so that if they have any questions they can learn more about it.” -Cynthia

2. How Long Do I Have to Stay in Therapy For It to Work?

“It’s different for everyone! I would suggest asking your therapist if they have a sense of when you might expect to start seeing some progress.” -Rachel

3. How Do I Get Matched With a Therapist on Talkspace?

Good therapy is all about the right therapist and we have thousands to choose from! We’ll hand pick a few options for you to review based on your preferences and then you’ll ultimately get to choose. We can get you connected in less than 24 hours with someone who specializes in the type of support you’re looking for.

4. How Do You Know a Therapist is a Good Fit?

“Feeling comfortable to speak openly and honestly is a key to a good therapy relationship. Try to meet with a few people to see how it feels speaking with them. It can take a little time to feel comfortable so give it a chance.” -Jill

5. How Do I Know My Information Will Be Kept Private?

We take privacy seriously here at Talkspace! Everything you share is confidential, secure, and HIPAA compliant.

6. How Can I Begin to Heal After a Heartbreak?

“Try to work on letting yourself experience the grief that accompanies romantic rejection/heartbreak. Instead of pushing it away — let yourself be sad. Remember, the feeling won’t last forever and it’s okay to have feelings of betrayal when you’ve been rejected by someone you care about.” -Rachel

7. How Do We Explain Mental Illness to Those Who Don’t Understand or Believe in it?

“Using an analogy to a chronic illness, like diabetes can help. It helps because it shows that we don’t have control over the illness but it’s something that can be managed with professional help.” -Cynthia

8. How Can I Deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Especially in Public Places?

“Focus on leaning into the feeling. Instead of trying to push away the panic or pretend it isn’t happening, focus on reminding yourself that the feelings will pass and you can get through this a moment at a time.” – Rachel
“Remind yourself that you have experienced this before, and that you have been able to overcome the feeling. Deep breathing, reframing, welcoming the anxiety for a period of time, and then inviting it to go, might be helpful too.” -Cynthia
Especially in public, “View the anxiety/panic as a wave. It is going to peak and then it will lose its power. Try to imagine yourself surfing the wave of panic and remember that the feeling will not last forever.” -Rachel

9. How Often Will I Hear From My Talkspace Therapist?

You can expect to hear from your therapist five days a week with our new Guaranteed Response Time.

10. Does Talkspace Take Insurance?

We currently don’t accept insurance, but many clients pay for Talkspace using their HSA/FSA. Also, with our flexible plans you are free to upgrade, freeze, or cancel your subscription at anytime!
Thanks for tuning into our Top Ten Therapy Thursday Questions. Be sure to learn more and even ask your own questions, during our weekly Thursday Q&A!

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