Mental Health Awareness Month: Therapy Helped Me

Published on: 02 May 2018
Talkspace Therapy Helped Me

This post is part of our #TherapyHelpedMe series for Mental Health Awareness Month. Talkspace shares stories of how therapy helps people of all backgrounds work through the daily challenges of modern life.

Many of us are aware of therapy and its positive benefits. Maybe you read Freud in college, are familiar with portrayals of therapists from film or TV, or see negative stories about a celebrity’s mental health on tabloid covers in the supermarket checkout aisle. What you hear less often are the stories of therapy’s profound effects on those who try it and the unexpectedly life-changing ways it can improve well-being, regardless of your challenges.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and it’s important to recognize the struggles faced by those suffering from mental illness. In 2016, an estimated 16.2 million adults in the United States — or 6.7% of all adults — had at least one major depressive episode. Equally alarming, an estimated 19.1% of U.S. adults dealt with an anxiety disorder in the past year.

Therapy is proven to be effective in treating these conditions, but despite these staggering statistics many people avoid seeking out therapy. They imagine it’s just for the seriously mentally ill or the rich. However, therapy can have a tremendous impact on anyone looking for more productive, effective ways of dealing with the everyday stress of modern life. Therapy can help all of us.

We decided to look into the lives of 20 people, to see how therapy has helped them.

We’d love for others to hear your story of how therapy helped you overcome your daily challenges. Adding more voices to the conversation helps reduce stigma around mental health conversations, and gives strength to others seeking help. Use the #TherapyHelpedMe hashtag, and tag us on Instagram or Twitter to be a part of the conversation.

If you feel it’s time to see if therapy works for you, chat with a Talkspace therapist today.

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