Talkspace Pedi-Pop Up Event Takes Over Gramercy!

Published on: 20 Apr 2015
Talkspace Pedi-Pop Up Event Takes Over Gramercy!

Last Friday, Talkspace took over the swanky Cleo Spa and Salon in NYC’s Gramercy District for its highly anticipated Inner Beauty Pedi-Pop Up Event!

During the free inner-and-outer beauty session, guests were encouraged to mingle, network, and get their feet pampered by Cleo’s skillful experts while chatting away with our professional Talkspace therapists. The affair went off without a hitch, even the weather cleared up for the afternoon despite the gloomy forecast and overcast morning.

Talkspace Pedi-Pop Up Event Takes Over Gramercy!

A welcoming party greeted guests with tasty afternoon mimosas, scrumptious cookies, and delectable pastries while explaining how to proceed. The hosts, Talkspace co-founders Roni and Oren Frank, assisted the bustling crowd in navigating its way around the spa, answered questions about the benefits of online therapy, and provided guests with plenty of advice on the available color selection for their pedicures. True to form, the Talkspace staff helped guests get familiarized with the platform and how to use it.

Talkspace Pedi-Pop Up Event Takes Over Gramercy!

After trying out Talkspace, many of the guests were pleasantly surprised to learn that taking care of their mental health could be as quick and easy as getting a pedicure. One attendee stated, “I never thought about using online therapy, but I really like it. The idea of Talkspace is great.” Considering that one out of every five American adults will have a bout with mental illness this year alone, we were thrilled to see people embrace the platform, ask questions, and provide plenty of feedback that will eventually help us fine-tune the service.

Talkspace Pedi-Pop Up Event Takes Over Gramercy!

The Talkspace Inner Beauty Pedi-Pop Up Event perfectly demonstrated how taking care of our mental health could be as accessible, cost-effective, and stigma-free as getting a routine pedicure. By the time the doors to Cleo’s Salon and Spa closed for the night, numerous guests enthusiastically signed up for Talkspace, downloaded the app, and proceeded to carry on their therapy session well into the night.

We hope that by illustrating the ease with which individuals can take care of their mental health, people will come to understand and accept Talkspace online therapy as a realistic and highly attainable provider of it.


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