Future of Therapy 2016: What Excites You Most About Mental Health Care Innovation?

Published on: 01 Apr 2016
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“What excites you most about mental health care innovation?”

To give the public a preview of our Clinical Conference, The Future of Therapy, we asked some of our panelists this question.

Check out their insights below!

Jenna BirchFreelance Writer at Yahoo!

Jenna Birch Talkspace conference panelist

There’s no one way to care for your mental health. If I’ve learned anything over the past several years, it’s that everyone has different struggles and needs. With so many advances in technology, social media, therapy and connectivity, I think we’ll see a lot of mental health care tailored to very individual needs. That’s amazing.



Alexa Curtis – Lifestyle Blogger at Life in the Fashion Lane

Alexa Curtis Life Talkspace conference panelist

Mental health care innovation is constantly developing and changing. Getting to witness these changes, through research and interest, is fascinating, and really brings new perspective to the world of mental health. I get most excited about having the ability to grow with new changes and innovations, and witness firsthand how they impact people and the community.



Dr. Fred Muench, Pd.D. – Founder of Mobile Health Interventions


Fred Muench Talkspace Conference Panelist

I’m most excited about three aspects:

– reaching and engaging those who would not typically engage in mental health care for a variety of reasons (e.g. cost, stigma)

– building new assessment and just-in-time intervention models that guide our journeys

– predictive: prevention and early intervention before problems get out of hand.


Nicole Amesbury – Head of Clinical Development at Talkspace

Nicole Amesbury Talkspace conference panelist

We now have the means to provide access to care for people who would not otherwise get care and we can also provide care to people faster and in earlier stages. Early intervention saves lives. Saving lives is certainly exciting, isn’t it?

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