4 Reasons to Try Therapy at Least Once

Published on: 21 Sep 2017
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Going to therapy isn’t a subject many people can talk about comfortably, work must be done to keep trying to normalize mental health care. Managing crises or mental illnesses is only one part of psychotherapy. It’s about admitting that sometimes we need help to become the best version of ourselves and live a happier life.

If you haven’t tried working with a therapist yet, you might find that it could benefit you. Here are four reasons why you should give therapy a shot at least once.

1. Unbiased Advice

If you already talk with friends or family about problems in your life and get advice from them, that’s great! It’s healthy to have a group of loved ones to vent to, but they might not be giving the best advice. To ensure you can trust what someone’s telling you about a situation, speak with a therapist who’s emotionally removed from the situation. They’ll help you see the bigger picture and decide how to move forward strategically from there.

2. Discovering Hidden Issues

Sometimes you might feel like you are aware of everything you could be working on. But what if you’re not? A therapist can help diagnose underlying issues you might not know you’re dealing with, such as common generalized anxiety disorder effects most people don’t realize they have. While you might be able to continue living with these difficult issues, you could improve your life by trying therapy.

3. Growing as a Person

Talking with someone who’s been trained to help people think through difficult situations can help in other areas of life as well. Because therapy is meant to enhance all aspects of well-being, therapists teach clients skills for effectively communicating, managing emotions, solving problems, and analyzing tricky scenarios. These skills will ultimately help you grow as a person and achieve both professional and personal goals.

4. Peace of Mind

Even if you don’t think anything in your life has gone wrong, talking with a professional can help prepare for future stressors. You’ll learn how to find your inner calm during times when stress surrounds you. Therapy can also give you the skills to help friends who don’t know what to do when facing difficult challenges.

Next time you hear someone has started therapy, help them celebrate their decision and encourage them as they begin the therapeutic process. Think about starting some sessions on your own, too. You never know what you could potentially get help with, or what you could learn on the path toward becoming a better person.

Bio: Corinne Keating is a lifestyle and wellness writer who loves hiking, coffee, and writing for her blog, Why So Well.

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