7 Interesting Things You Should Know About Talkspace Online Therapy

Published on: 09 May 2015
7 Interesting Things You Should Know About Talkspace Online Therapy

“As Talkspace therapists, we get a lot of questions about the efficacy of online therapy, as well as a bunch of other stuff.”

We use the Talkspace online platform to work with individuals from all walks of life dealing with all kinds of problems. Naturally, some of the most rewarding and honorable moments we experience are when we see our clients at their best. It’s our job to track their progress, but it is our privilege to see them succeed.

But before our clients sign up for therapy, they usually have a few general questions. We thought we’d answer some of them right here.

Is Talkspace online therapy actual therapy?

Yes, Talkspace online therapy is legitimate therapy licensed and vetted professionals provide to clients. Before officially becoming Talkspace therapists, the Talkspace team checks our credentials. We then go through an interview process. Pending approval, Talkspace shows us how to provide therapy through the Talkspace platform, so as to deliver maximum results.

Now, if you’re wondering about the efficacy of online therapy, that’s a different concern. Rest assured knowing that multiple studies have found online therapy to be effective. It is as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy, according to this study from the University of Zurich.

But you’re online. How will you protect my privacy and keep my information confidential?

Your privacy is one of our biggest concerns. This is why we use a combination of different security measures to store your information. Our dedication to privacy, security and safety allowed us to become compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA].

Additionally, we provide you with the option of confidentiality. You don’t have to use your real name to communicate with us. We understand that in our digital age, keeping private information secure is a challenge, but it’s one we are eagerly taking on everyday.

Why should I bother with Talkspace online therapy?

Let’s agree that almost everyone has problems, regrets and personal baggage. By taking action, you can resolve these issues and improve the quality of your life.

When you join Talkspace, you will be speaking with a consultation therapist or interacting with a matching system. The consultation therapist will assess your needs and pair you with one of our many mental health care professionals based on their area of specialization.

The therapist will then work with you to help you cope with your past and present for a brighter future. And if you’d like to switch your therapist for any reason, let us know.

How do I know Talkspace online therapy can help me?

Talkspace online therapy can improve quality of life and decrease symptoms of mental illness, according to studies we outline in our research page (coming soon.)

What good is a therapist anyway?

Think about it like this: You don’t learn to drive without an instructor or gymnastics without a trainer. Therapy is very similar. You’re not born with the skills you need to handle life’s many obstacles. You need to learn them.

A therapist gives you the tools you need to address your concerns and shows you how to properly apply them. Whether you are dealing with relationship issues, having trouble communicating, combating loneliness, fighting depression or anxiety, our job is to help you find ways to cope. Our goal is not to fix you, but to help you move from a state of conflict to a state of resolution.

So, you’ll be providing me with advice?

Not exactly. We will be sharing our knowledge and expertise with you. The problem with advice is that it can always backfire. Instead, we are here to help you assess if your thoughts and decisions are rational, balanced and beneficial to you.

By doing this, we are trying to empower you and show you how to make good choices for yourself and those who depend on you. We hope to provide you with a place where you can express your feelings and get to the root of your problems.

What if I need medication? You can’t prescribe that for me!

True, online therapists aren’t able to prescribe medication. Nonetheless, if we believe you need medication or direct professional intervention, we will encourage you to seek it out. We are more than happy to match you with a licensed online psychiatrist to bring you the best possible mental health treatment tailored to meet your needs.

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