How Talkspace Keeps Your Data Safe, Secure and Private

Published on: 17 Aug 2016
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When people work toward a happier life by sharing their secrets with an online therapist, they deserve to know their information is safe, secure and private. At Talkspace, security is a top priority.

Hundreds of thousands of people use our platform to send messages they only want their therapist to see. It’s our job to protect that information.

Keep reading to learn how we protect your messages from hackers and other security threats. It will give you peace of mind so you can communicate with your therapist without worrying about other people accessing your data.

The Power of Encryption and Anomaly Detection

To ensure your data is only readable for you and one of our therapists, our systems use encryption. This process scrambles the data while it is traveling between clients and therapists. Even if someone did intercept the data before it reached its intended target, it would appear as nothing more than a meaningless jumble of letters and numbers.

Our anomaly detection system protects your data as well. Even if someone was skilled enough to break past the encryption or access one of our computers, our anomaly detection system would inform of us the extra or unusual activity. Our security personnel would then stop them from accessing meaningful data.

Two-Factor Authentication

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In addition to protecting our computers with passwords, we ensure all staff members use a second authenticated device to access any sensitive data. One device sends the other an access code that expires and changes after a few seconds, so the only way to access the data is to use both devices at once.

This technique is called two-factor authentication. It prevents a stolen device from becoming a way to access your data.

Security Audits, Meetings and Briefings

We regularly check the quality of our security. Our security personnel ensure all of our computers and work devices have the same security settings and updated security software.

We also have meetings about security best practices such as not opening links in emails from addresses we are not familiar with and making sure we authenticate the sender of any unusual emails.

Talkspace Is HIPAA-Compliant

Talkspace passed rigorous security audits to become officially compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA]. This achievement is a testament to our dedication to security, safety and privacy.

You’ll have to forgive us for not including more details about our security systems. We don’t want to risk this article becoming an instruction manual for hackers. We do, however, hope it offered you a sense of how dedicated we are to keeping your data safe, secure and private.

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