The Psychology of Talkspace’s New Design

Published on: 03 Mar 2017
Talkspace designs devices

After many months of hard work from our design, development and marketing teams, we are finally launching our rebranded user interfaces and homepage. It’s more than a new coat of paint. Using Talkspace is going to be a better, smoother experience.

We’re still touching up parts of it here and there, but there is already plenty to explore. Let’s start with the homepage.

Our New Homepage

The first part of the homepage shows Talkspace clients making use of the most valuable part of our app: therapy anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re at work, walking your dog or out to a show, you can communicate with your therapist.

Talkspace homepage

The rest of the homepage breaks down every facet of Talkspace: how it works, who our therapists are, what clients have said about their experiences and some of the types of therapy we offer.

Improved App Interfaces and Chat Rooms

The experience of signing up and using your secure chat room is now smoother. Subtle animations make moving around the parts of your room more satisfying. Try it out so you can see what we’re talking about!

Talkspace mobile user interface

Communicating with your therapist in your secure chat room is going to be easier and feel more natural. The interface is now more similar to devices and platforms you are most likely familiar with, including Facebook messages and texting on a smartphone.

Why We Redesigned Everything

When our development team first created the Talkspace platform, the primary focus was making sure it worked. Graphic and user interface design had to take a backseat — it was function over form.

Once our platform was up and had been functioning smoothly for many months, it was time we focused on making the experience look and feel great.

“The goal was to make it look more modern, cleaner, simpler to use,” said Talkspace Creative Director Kris Mikkelsen.

The redesign also reflects the evolution of Talkspace. If you look through the homepage, you’ll notice there is not as much emphasis on texting therapy as there was before. Texting therapy is still a Talkspace staple, but we have expanded far beyond it. We now also offer live video sessions, video messages and audio messages.

Our Design Philosophy: When to Innovate and When to Go With What’s Familiar

Sometimes companies make the mistake of reinventing the wheel when it’s not necessary. Doing this can frustrate clients and scare them away.

“There are right and wrong places to try to innovate,” Mikkelsen said.

We choose to innovate in the field of therapy by making it more accessible and affordable for hundreds of thousands of people. Our design is simple and intuitive so users can focus on working with their therapist.

Providing You the Best Experience in Therapy

We are proud of our clients for being brave enough to try therapy. The beginning of therapy can be difficult and uncomfortable because you’re opening up and facing painful issues. Design is a big part of making the experience as smooth and pleasant as possible.

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