Have You Heard of Neurocounseling?

Published on: 05 May 2016
neurocounseling infographic screenshot

The Counseling Program at Bradley University produced this infographic to spread awareness about neurocounseling.

With the help of brain imaging technology, researchers are developing a better understanding of how mental illnesses have a basis in our brains. This knowledge is reshaping how we define and diagnose many conditions. One field of counseling is using this knowledge to shape treatment plans.

This emerging field is called neurocounseling. Psychologists are effectively using it to treat people with depression, seizures, ADHD, sleep disorders and a broad range of other mental health problems.

Because our brains are developing and creating new neural pathways well into adulthood — a concept called neuroplasticity — clinicians are learning how therapy can treat clients’ brains, not only their behaviors.

The infographic below illustrates what neurocounseling is and how it can help individuals with a variety of mental conditions and disorders. 

Bradley University Counseling Program Neurocounseling infographic

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