Why Do People Become Therapists? Talkspace Answers!

Published on: 24 Nov 2015
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If you see a therapist, chances are he or she will be interested in helping you live a better life rather than “figuring you out.” We learned this when we asked the hundreds of therapists in our network why they pursued therapy. Some also chose to share why they work for Talkspace specifically.

Keep reading to understand why people become therapists. If you feel one response speaks to you more than any other, that person might be the therapist for you!

Why These People Became Therapists

“I became a therapist because I realized early on I had a knack for guiding people through darkness. I became a therapist because I am human and have fought my own battles, not always with ease but with hope and determination. I became a therapist because I had my own therapist who never gave up on me. It’s kind of like “giving back,” if you will. If I can help one client live with more authenticity and pride, my job is done here. If I can learn one more lesson from a client, I can pass that on to yet another. It’s beautiful the way the therapeutic process works. We are in this together, learning from one another and the product is, at times, utter amazement.” – Amy Scarano

Asking why I am a therapist is kind of like asking “What are relationships good for anyway?” We all face questions about the meaning of life. There is a lot of loneliness in the world and at times things can seem dark. To be able to accompany people on their journey of self-understanding and change and shine some light into their life is a privilege. – Nicole Amesbury

Be a Talkspace Therapist

Work flexible hours as part of a supportive virtual community of care providers. Receive ongoing training and free CE credits.

Why am I a therapist? I can’t imagine not being a therapist! It is another way for me to show compassion, empathy, support and care for other people. Everyone needs help and I’m honored to be trusted with my client’s deepest secrets, with the goal of reliving the pain and finding healthy and effective solutions. – Bree Winkler

Before I was called to be a Social Worker and therapist, I was first a client and patient. I experienced first-hand the stigma and torment of mental illness in the decades before modern psych meds such as SSRIs. By the grace of God, I was eventually saved but through this journey I saw just how broken and inadequate the American mental health system really is. It is my personal and professional mission to challenge the stigma and the pain one person at a time. – Rick Macnamara

Angela Gunn Talkspace therapist quote

I’m a therapist because there are not enough places where others can come to breathe, to be, to experience unconditional acceptance, positive reflection, and create alternative narratives and visions for themselves. A relationship that makes that possible creates healing each minute, each word, each glimmer of hope and self-realization. – Angela Gunn

I am a therapist because I am passionate about self-discovery, exploration and healing. If I think of the darkest moments in my life and of those around me, I know how powerful it can be to have someone there supporting and encouraging you to be your best and most authentic self. I am a therapist because we live in a world full of challenges and relationships that sometimes can be overwhelming and confusing. I am a therapist because I want to walk alongside people in this journey of life and impart hope to help them get the most out of life as possible. – Jor-El Caraballo

Cynthia Stocker Talkspace quote

I am a therapist because I have come to learn that a tremendous amount of people feel alone, left out, unheard, irrelevant, tired, worthless, unconnected, unwelcomed, sad, anxious and fearful. They need someone to listen to them. They need someone to teach them they have value. They need skills to help them change their sadness and fear to happiness and courage. I am a therapist because when I see people struggle in that way I want to reach out and help. I can encourage. I can teach. – Cynthia Stocker

Leah Mcmanis Talkspace therapist quote

I’m a therapist because I know the feeling I got when that one person genuinely accepted me without judgment. From that moment (in high school) I wanted to be THAT person for everyone else. – Leah McManis

I’m a therapist because I am amazed every day by the clients who I work with. They inspire me to be better and to do more. This is my true calling and I wouldn’t be doing anything else! – Carrie Miller

Trace Coffey Talkspace therapist quote

I believe we all need a helping hand, and we can all help each other in some small way. Being a therapist means being able to reach out and take someone’s hand and provide consistency and stability while they navigate the hard stuff. – Trace Walker Coffey

I am a therapist because I see the best in people. I see the potential of what could be and am objective enough to see almost all sides of a situation. I am able to stay calm and non-judgmental in almost any situation. I am beyond honored and proud to do this for a living. – Arwa Bager

Why These Therapists Joined Talkspace

There’s being a therapist and then there’s being a Talkspace therapist. Both are committed to helping clients live healthier and happier lives, but Talkspace therapists have the additional benefit of seeing people with different needs, preferences and budgets. Talkspace clients often can’t afford in-office therapy, don’t have the time to commute to the office or prefer the experience and confidentiality of texting therapy.

I’m a Talkspace therapist because the amount of people who unable to afford traditional therapy is astounding. It’s amazing how much we talk about mental health in the media and the need for it, yet for most people —  before talkspace —  it was only a passing thought. Now people can get the support they need and want from the same highly trained and licensed therapists that were previously unavailable to them. – Nicole Behr

I am a therapist because I believe in the amazing capacity of the human spirit to overcome and to tap into a full and meaningful life. It is an honor to be a part of each person’s journey. I love being a part of Talkspace because of the ability to reach people who may not otherwise have access to mental health care. I learn and grow from each experience. I am so grateful to have the privilege of helping people. – Angela Towne

I’m a therapist at Talkspace specifically because it helps me reach out to a broader space than ever before. I get to meet people I would never have met, walk with them and share. Talking, building relationships and having someone be with you through a hard time is crucial in life. I’m grateful for every person I get to meet and Talkspace makes that reach so much greater!  – Kellyn Glyn

I’m a therapist with Talkspace because as a mental health practitioner in this day and age it is the right and ethical thing to do. There are a wealth of people on this planet in dire need of support, being heard and being connected. This is the lexicon of our time and clients deserve to be met in the language they best need and understand. – Blythe Landry

I’m a therapist at Talkspace because it’s my path and my passion to help others find strength and courage they didn’t know they had, and to witness the personal transformation that comes from sharing your story in a safe and non-judgmental space. Many years ago, therapy changed my life and now I have the honor of paying that forward. – Shannon McFarlin

Will You Be Part of the Talkspace Story?

If you’re a therapist reading this, maybe you want to have your own Talkspace story. Or perhaps you are one of the many people wondering why therapists choose that path. Well, the only way to get a better answer than the ones here is to sign up and ask them yourself! If you’re a therapist yourself and think you want to join our network, click here.

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