The Benefits of Being a Talkspace Therapist

Published on: 03 Mar 2020
Clinically Reviewed by Jill E. Daino, LCSW-R
Talkspace Therapist - Janelle

Updated on 1/28/21

As a licensed mental health provider, you may be wondering what online therapy is all about, how you can be on the cutting edge of the industry, and maybe even if you can be successful as an online therapist.

Through clinical research, we’ve found that 80% of clients thought Talkspace was as effective, or more effective, than traditional therapy according to the Journal of Telemedicine and e-Health study.

Since many of our clients have never been in traditional therapy, you’ll be making an impact by providing care to those who may never have received it before. For those who have previously been to therapy, you’ll be able to connect in a way that truly meets them where they are — in the comfort and privacy of their home.

Provider Perks of Using Talkspace

Talkspace is the leading online therapy platform. We connect skilled providers with clients in need of effective, accessible mental health treatment. Being a provider at Talkspace allows you to be part of a clinical community on the forefront of the telehealth revolution. You’ll receive detailed training on how to integrate technology into your practice, expand and diversify your caseload, and optimize your skills in effective and innovative ways.

Let’s dive deeper into the perks of being a Talkspace therapist.

Say goodbye to overhead

With Talkspace, there’s no need to spend money on external marketing, we bring the clients to you! Using our platform, you minimize additional expenses associated with private practice. The costs associated with overhead, like office space and billing services, will be made completely obsolete.

Get easily matched with new clients

Talkspace allows you to reach even more people in your state, broadening access to mental health care for those who need it most. In fact, 70% of Talkspace clients have never been to therapy. Our matching process, will provide clients the opportunity to connect with you based on your areas of focus, specialities, and skills. The matching process provides clients the opportunity to find therapists with the right qualifications they might be looking for and to connect with therapists who are their ideal fit.

Leave the paperwork to us

Treatment plans, clinical information, case notes, and client information are all contained in one secure location that’s easy to navigate. Technology at your fingertips provides you with visuals of crucial data that supports your success in treating your clients. You can clearly identify progress and engagement levels for each client, providing better outcomes.

Access user friendly, HIPAA compliant technology

Our platform is revolutionizing the mental health field. As a therapist, Talkspace’s in-platform dashboard allows you to write progress notes about each client, allowing for the seamless management of cases. The platform is equipped for multimedia communication between you and your clients, allowing asynchronous text messaging, images, audio/voice messaging, live video capabilities, and even emojis. All of our providers can upload documents, worksheets, and questionnaires of their choice through a secure uploader in the Talkspace app.

Talkspace uses banking-grade encryption and security to securely store all client communication. Not only do our therapists follow strict ethical codes regarding client confidentiality, but we also adhere to HIPAA / HIPAA BAA regulations and state laws. Our platform has built-in emergency mechanisms to help ensure the safety of your clients in case of an emergency.

Collaborate directly and effectively with a psychiatrist

There is a strong mutual need for collaboration between mental health providers — therapists need psychiatrists and vice versa. With our platform, communication and referrals are simple — you can refer clients for psychiatric consultation within the platform. Maintain secure, ongoing communication for effective holistic treatment directly in the app.

If you’re a psychiatrist, or prescriber, check out these benefits.

Training and professional growth opportunities

You will be part of a clinical community of psychotherapy thought leaders, with ongoing learning opportunities from leading experts in the field to help you build skills in whatever your areas of interest,. You can also engage in ongoing professional peer consultation through our Peer Consultant Program, free of charge.

How to Become a Talkspace Therapist

To join our thousands of licensed therapists, you will complete a vetting and credentialing process. Below, find the initial requirements and how to begin the two-part application process.


To participate in the Talkspace network, practitioners are required to possess the following:

  • Highest clinical license in your state of residence, allowing independent clinical practice. Talkspace practitioners only work with clients in the state(s) where they are licensed and allowed to practice independently
  • Minimum of 3 years of direct clinical experience
  • Professional malpractice liability insurance policy
  • Submission of a fully completed, signed CAQH application
  • Individual NPI number
  • iOS device (iPhone 5S, iPad Air/iPad Mini 2 (or newer)) with video camera
  • Reliable internet connection

Application process

To begin the process of becoming a Talkspace therapists, first, complete our brief (5 minute) survey to determine whether you meet the prerequisites to use the Talkspace platform for your therapy practice. After you complete our initial survey, the application will move on to questions about your experience, your interests, and your clinical expertise. This second phase of the application typically takes about 20-30 minutes. Learn more here.

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