What It’s Like to Provide Psychiatry Services on the Talkspace Platform

Published on: 01 Oct 2019
prescriber using talkspace psychiatry platform

Updated on 5/18/2022

After launching a successful pilot of online psychiatry services in December 2018, Talkspace has been rapidly expanding the psychiatry network with the goal of having providers in all 50 states by the end of 2019. Prescribers on the Talkspace platform — comprising a talented and passionate pool of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and physician assistants — engage with clients through Live Video Sessions, increasing access to much needed psychiatry services.

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“There are some parts of this country, even in 2019, where seeing a psychiatrist is incredibly difficult,” says Dr. Leibowitz, Chief Medical Officer and psychiatrist on the platform. In fact, according to a 2018 study from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 65% of non-metropolitan counties do not have access to a psychiatrist. Talkspace psychiatry benefits both clients and prescribers, allowing for a convenient and innovative delivery of services. We asked our existing network what they enjoy most about providing psychiatric services through the Talkspace platform.

Consistent Referrals

As prescribers begin their work with clients, they find the Talkspace platform provides access to a consistent stream of client referrals. Jennifer Foresman, one of the first Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner’s to join the network, loves that “you don’t have to advertise yourself.” Talkspace alleviates the need for prescribers to market their practice and offers a platform to provide valuable services.


Though all of the prescribers have extensive psychiatric experience, many of them are new to the world of telemedicine. Ginny Weston, a nurse practitioner licensed in both Washington and Alaska, says she, “found this just as easy as working from an office.” Along with a convenient way to provide services at times and locations that work for their schedules, Bettina Rodgers, the first provider in the state of Illinois, enjoys “meeting new people” through the Talkspace platform, citing the one-on-one engagement with clients, and the relaxed interpersonal atmosphere created by providing services from her home office. Other providers have noted the ease of reaching out to clients through text to get quick answers to questions.


Prescribers appreciate the flexibility that comes from being independent contractors with Talkspace. It provides them the flexibility to engage in other professional ventures, set their own schedule, travel, or work from home. Prescribers are easily able to schedule virtual sessions with clients around their other responsibilities, making it a great source of supplemental income. Leibowitz notes the flexibility for both client and physician “makes it a unique, collaborative experience for both parties.” Prescribers have the ability to set their availability for the week within the app, where clients can then book appointments based on open slots (as seen in the image below).

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Talkspace is one of the few networks that already has an established therapy network, allowing for a seamless collaborative care experience. To become part of the Talkspace team and be on the fore-front of expanding psychiatric care, apply to join the platform here: https://www.talkspace.com/join-as-a-therapist.

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