Today Show’s Craig Melvin Shares His Talkspace Experience

Published on: 20 Sep 2019
Talkspace As Seen on Today Show

September is “Self-Improvement Month,” a convenient reminder to start — or continue — prioritizing yourself and your mental health. Getting back to normal routines after the joys of summer come to an end can bring on extra stress…but you can’t forget to take care of YOU.

This week, the Today Show challenged a few of their anchors to share their best self-improvement tips with viewers. Anchor Craig Melvin expressed that he has become concerned about the state of mental health in our society, including his own. You can check out all three of the 3rd Hour Today Show’s tips for Self-Improvement Month, and hear Craig’s thoughts about mental health here.

After having Michael Phelps on the Today Show, Melvin learned about Talkspace, and decided to give it a try. He opened up to viewers about his experience with his Talkspace therapist, finding it to be “extraordinarily helpful” to have an objective opinion whenever needed, and being able to discuss feeling a certain way.

A common misconception about therapy is that something has to be wrong in order to seek help. The truth is, anyone can benefit from therapy…whether it’s due to a career change, parenthood, or everyday stress. As Melvin mentioned, Talkspace will match you with a therapist that best fits your needs, whatever they may be.

Melvin also touched on the convenience and real-time relief of being able to send messages to his Talkspace therapist anytime and anywhere, and expressed it can be “hard to find time sometimes to go sit down on [a traditional therapist’s] couch for an hour or two.”

If you’re ready to start talking with a therapist today, we’re happy to offer Today Show viewers $65 off your first month of our plans using code: BLOG65. If you’re currently seeing a mental health care professional, discover how Talkspace can be a beneficial supplement.

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