Meet Our Therapists: Ken Fields

Published on: 16 Mar 2016
ken fields talkspace therapist bio

Name: Ken Fields
Licensing Info: LMHC in Hawaii
Where you live: Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii
Hometown: I have lived in Maui, Hawaii since 1996. I was born in Los Angeles. Moved to Oregon in 1969 to go to college and remained there until moving to Maui.
Time working at Talkspace: 10 months
Time working as a Therapist: I received my MA in Counseling Psychology in Portland, Oregon, in 1981. I have been practicing since that time (34 years). I started online counseling in about 2006.

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?
I started in education as a secondary teacher and gravitated towards mental health counseling as a result of helping kids feel better about themselves. I work in mental health to help people feel better about themselves, learn to cope with stressors, and challenge their erroneous beliefs, to provide support and encouragement.

ken fields kayakingWhat made you start working at Talkspace?
A friend had told me about Talkspace and upon investigating it seemed Talkspace had taken online counseling [which I was already practicing] to a new, higher level and I wanted to be part of it.

What has made you feel the most pride in your work?
When I hear people say they get some value in our therapeutic dialogue, I feel good about what I do.

Can you think of a specific instance or moment that was inspiring?
Some of the most inspiring moments with clients are when there is a kind of resonance, a kind of alignment. In those instances, when what I say to a client is right on the mark, and there is a kind of ‘aha’ moment for them. After one such moment, a client replied ‘Wow thank you Ken.. That resonates with me truly.’ A related element to this sense of resonance is creating a sense of safety and when that happens, there is a very good feeling; this sense of safety is very important in a therapeutic setting. I continue to be inspired when I hear a client say about our time together, as one recently did, “I felt like I had a safe place.”

ken fields surfboard hawaiiWhy is what you do important?
“The world is made a better place one person at a time; when one person is less anxious, less depressed, feels better about themselves, then the world is that much better.”

If you had one piece of advice for a therapy-seeker, what would it be?
Talk therapy is an opportunity to experience life in the “upper class.” Hear me out. Every successful person in life has someone who has acted as a counselor, a consultant, a guide, a mentor. Every successful person has realized they need help, and sought it out, and received it. If you want to be successful in life, recognize the need for help and get it [as all the greats have done].

ken fields talkspace therapy bio


“One of my favorite activities is photography. And I like surfing with my longboard. And then there’s kayaking…”

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