Meet Our Therapists: Christy Paul

Published on: 14 Mar 2016
Christy Paul Talkspace therapist

Name: Christy Paul

Licensing Info: LMHC MH8666

Home: St. Augustine, Florida

Originally From: Lakeland, FL

Time at Talkspace: Almost 3 years

Time Practicing as a Therapist: About 13 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

“I love all of the people I come into contact with, and seeing the change and growth in them through the therapeutic process.”

What made you start working at Talkspace?

“Firstly, because of my wonderful colleague Nicole who introduced me to it, and then secondly, because I see how this is so beneficial for so many people. It’s the way we are going in society and I want to be able to reach and help people in any capacity I can.”

What has made you feel the most pride in your work?

“Seeing how people connect, and how with just a little encouragement they begin to feel better about themselves and see dynamic change.”

Christy Paul quote

Can you think of a specific instance or moment that was inspiring?

“Yes. There was a woman who was feeling better and didn’t think she needed to continue therapy. I asked her if she had ever gone deeper, to the root of what was bothering her, and she said, no, she hadn’t. When we began to talk more about it, she shared with me some things she had never shared with anyone before. At that point she realized why she had been feeling the way she had, and it never before occurred to her that the two were connected. She had been in and out of therapy for years.”

Why is what you do important?

“Because people are important.”

If you had one piece of advice for a therapy-seeker, what would it be?

“My advice for therapy seekers is to realize you aren’t alone and that it’s OK to talk to someone. Therapy is great place to discuss anything you want without being or feeling judged. The therapist is unbiased so it’s easy to open up and get the best help for you.”

Note: You will need to sign up for Talkspace to continue chatting with Christy or any other Talkspace therapist. Make sure you live in the same state as Christy before you choose her.

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