How Much is Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) With & Without Insurance?

Published on: 08 Sep 2023
Clinically Reviewed by Famous Erwin, LMHC, LPC
How Much is Hydroxyzine

Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) is an antihistamine that’s FDA-approved to treat itching and hives from allergies as well as symptoms of anxiety. It’s also used off-label to treat insomnia in some people. The cost of hydroxyzine can vary widely based on a few key factors. The main variables are whether or not you have health insurance coverage and what your plan entails.

If your healthcare plan does include prescription drug benefits, hydroxyzine cost with insurance will depend on your copay or coinsurance obligations. Some plans may cover the entire cost, while others might leave some amount to be paid by you.

Hydroxyzine cost with insurance vs. without it can range on average between $10 and $150. The price of hydroxyzine can also vary depending on your location and the pharmacy you choose. 

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Regardless of whether you have insurance, keep in mind the prices here are only general estimates — actual expenses can vary. Discussing options with a healthcare provider is a good start.

Is Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) Covered with Insurance?

Insurance coverage can be complex, but the good news is hydroxyzine is often a covered drug. Hydroxyzine cost with insurance will depend on your plan coverage, the pharmacy you fill your prescribed medication at, your dosage, and other factors, like if you have a discount card. 

Keep in mind, even if hydroxyzine is a covered drug on your plan, you might still need prior authorization before your insurance will pay some or all of the cost. It might be worth calling your insurance company to ask them if you need to get prior authorization. 

Medicaid and Medicare Coverage for Hydroxyzine

If you have drug coverage through the insurance plan Medicaid or Medicare, it’s possible these programs might cover hydroxyzine. 

Medicare Part D provides extensive coverage on prescription medication, including antihistamines from the drug class hydroxyzine is in. Most often, Medicare will cover hydroxyzine. Medicaid, though, is less likely to cover this specific drug. 

Bear in mind that copayments and deductibles may still apply, even with these insurances. Your actual cost could fluctuate based on policy terms and if you’ve met your annual deductible yet.

Contact Your Provider Directly

You can get better clarity around the price of hydroxyzine by contacting your insurance provider. Your unique situation will dictate how much out-of-pocket expenses you might encounter post-insurance reimbursements.

Cost of Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) Without Insurance

Wondering how much hydroxyzine is without insurance? The price tag on a bottle of hydroxyzine can vary significantly if you don’t have insurance. A monthly supply could easily cost more than $150, depending on where you go and what your dosage is. 

If you’re navigating healthcare without insurance, some online platforms offer discounts and coupons to help manage out-of-pocket expenses when purchasing medications like hydroxyzine. 

Factors that also impact cost 

Your geographical location is a big factor that influences drug costs. Any medication can have different prices at different pharmacies, even in the same town. 

The choice between a generic drug and name-brand version also plays into the final cost — opting for generics (which hydroxyzine is) usually means a lighter impact on your wallet.

“The factors that impact the cost of hydroxyzine (Vistaril) can vary. For example, factors that may affect your price may include your insurance coverage, pharmacy, and your treatment plan.”

Talkspace Therapist Dr. Olga Molina, D.S.W., LCSW

Cost of Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) With Insurance

The best way to determine what hydroxyzine costs with insurance is by talking to your insurance provider and your pharmacy. Hydroxyzine cost with insurance can be substantially less than the out-of-pocket cash price — insurance often means drug prices go from unaffordable to manageable. It’s not just about having an insurance provider, though. You also need to understand how your specific plan works with prescription medications.

If your policy classifies hydroxyzine under its generic drugs category, you can likely expect lower copayments than brand-name medication tiers. However, this is subject to change as formularies are updated annually by most insurers. Don’t forget that what worked last year might need reassessment now.

You can get accurate insight into the cost of hydroxyzine with your current insurance company or potentially a new one if you’re shopping around for policies. Reaching out directly is always the best practice. You also might look into online pharmacy options that offer additional savings or rebates.

How to Get Hydroxyzine (Vistaril) Without Insurance

Hydroxyzine cost without insurance can be high, but it might be more affordable than you think.  

Drug discount programs

The first step in reducing the cost of medicine is exploring drug discount programs. These services negotiate lower prices with pharmacies and can offer significant savings on many medications.

Sourcing from online pharmacies

Your second option could be ordering medication from accredited online pharmacies. They often provide competitive pricing for those lacking health insurance coverage. Make sure any online pharmacy is legitimate before purchasing a drug, though. Ideally, you will need a prescription for hydroxyzine online first.

Patient Assistance Programs (PAP)

If the cost of hydroxyzine is too expensive, you might consider Patient Assistance Programs that some pharmaceutical companies offer. These programs offer free or deeply discounted drugs to people with certain low-income criteria.  

Affordable Online Mental Health Treatment

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Talkspace provides a psych evaluation and medication management — so you might be able to get access to drugs like hydroxyzine if prescribed. Considering the high costs of drugs without insurance today, online platforms like Talkspace can be an attractive option. 

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