4 Ways to Stop Relying on External Validation

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You probably know excessive scrolling is bad for your mental health.

It’s well documented that heavy social-media use leads to depression and anxiety — especially in teenagers and children. Although most of us understand that social media encourages unhealthy comparisons of ourselves to others, we continue to crave “likes” like candy.

That’s because what we’re really seeking is external validation, and though social media is the latest — and perhaps most pervasive — expression of this reliance, it’s by no means limited to the device in your pocket. Continue reading 4 Ways to Stop Relying on External Validation

How to Have a Comparison-Free Summer

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Sometimes it feels like my friends are out of my league.

Among them are doctors, social workers, professors and entrepreneurs, all successfully balancing high-level careers, personal lives, and physical health. One of them can work for several months straight without a single day off; meanwhile, sometimes it takes me several hours just to get out of bed.

Does that mean I’m lazy? Less than? Continue reading How to Have a Comparison-Free Summer