The Scientific Power of Meditation – Decoded

Published on: 02 Jul 2015
The Scientific Power of Meditation - Decoded

Practicing meditation “means turning your attention away from distracting thoughts and focusing on the present moment.”

You hear that it’s good for you on the news, on the radio, and from every health enthusiast you speak to, but do you understand how meditation works – like scientifically? If not, you’re in luck, because the guys at ASAPscience – you know, the ones we told you about last Friday? – have done it again! In a concise, engaging, and thoroughly entertaining manner, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown take you through the science of mediation in exactly 3 very informative minutes. And you should totally watch it! 



By providing excellent insight into how engaging in meditation practice benefits the mind and body, the video makes a powerful argument for why we should give it a shot. As they explain, practicing meditation directly impacts the health of your brain as well as your heart, and pretty much every vital organ in your body. So, there’s really no good reason we can’t dedicate at least 20 minutes per day to improving our overall physical and mental health by doing nothing.

Giving clear examples and stimulating visuals, the duo at ASAPscince do an excellent job at explaining all of the buzz surrounding meditation.


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