How Much is Propranolol With & Without Insurance?

Published on: 28 Jun 2023
Clinically Reviewed by Jill E. Daino, LCSW-R
How Much is Propranolol

Propranolol is a prescription medication for high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, tremors, and other conditions, including off-label uses for anxiety and panic disorder. Propranolol is only available by prescription, and the cost can vary significantly depending on whether you have insurance or not. Without insurance coverage, the average price for a 30-day supply of Propranolol can range from $25 – $50. With insurance coverage, the cost of the medicine will depend on your insurance provider, copay, dosage, deductible amounts, and the pharmacy you use.

The expense of this medication with or without insurance can fluctuate based on various factors, so it’s important to look into the cost when you’re prescribed this medication. 

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How much is Propranolol without insurance? How much is it with coverage? Continue reading to learn everything you should know about the Propranolol cost without insurance vs with it, factors that can affect what you pay, and more. 

Is Propranolol Covered With Insurance?

Employer-sponsored health plans typically cover Propranolol if it’s medically necessary for treating an underlying condition. Medicaid may also cover the cost of Propranolol if it’s part of your state’s approved list of eligible medications. Medicare Part D covers some prescription drugs like Propranolol as long as they’re deemed necessary for treating a qualifying medical condition. It’s essential to seek medical advice to determine if this prescription drug is right for you.

It’s worth noting that some insurance policies may not cover the entire cost of Propranolol. You’ll often have a copayment or deductible to meet before coverage kicks in. Before purchasing your medication, confirm with your insurer what your cost might be.

Cost of Propranolol Without Insurance

How much is Propranolol without insurance? The truth is, it depends. For example, Propranolol cost without insurance can vary greatly depending on where you purchase it. 

On average, a 30-day supply of Propranolol can range from $30 to $80 or more, depending on the pharmacy, dosage, and strength. When buying Propranolol without insurance, it’s a good idea to research and compare prices at different pharmacies for the best cost. 

Factors that impact cost 

Several factors will impact the price of Propranolol. Where you fill your prescription is a huge determining factor.

  • Online pharmacies might offer discounts on anxiety medications like Propranolol when purchased through their website or app. 
  • Many independent pharmacies offer lower prices than chain stores due to lower overhead costs associated with running an independent business versus a large corporation.
  • Another consideration is whether you get the brand name or the generic version of a drug. Generic medications use less expensive ingredients and manufacturing processes than their brand-name counterparts and are generally much cheaper. 
  • Finally, the type of Propranolol you take, dosage, and strength will all be factors. For example, extended-release doses of certain medications might be more expensive.

Cost of Propranolol With Insurance

The cost of Propranolol with insurance can vary depending on the type and amount of coverage you have. If your health insurance plan covers prescription drugs, it will likely cover Propranolol too. On average, a 30-day supply of Propranolol can range from $10 to $20 with insurance coverage.

How to Get Propranolol Without Insurance

If you don’t have insurance or your plan doesn’t cover Propranolol, there are still several ways to reduce costs.

  1. Ask your doctor to prescribe the generic version (Propranolol), not a brand name.
  2. Look into discount programs available online that can help make Propranolol more affordable even if you don’t have insurance coverage. These programs often offer discounts on medications and free shipping and delivery options.
  3. Check online pharmacies, which may offer lower prices than traditional brick-and-mortar stores. 
  4. Look into patient assistance programs (PAPs) that will reduce the cost of drugs for qualified patients. 

“A prescription for Propranolol may be available at full price for those who do not have health insurance. However, you can find cost savings through patient assistance programs, manufacturer coupons, and rebates, but there may be some restrictions. Finding more long-term means of saving money month after month is the best way to manage long-term treatment.”

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