Meet Our Therapists: Sorrenta Stuart

Published on: 14 Jul 2016
Sorrenta Stuart

Name: Sorrenta Stuart
Licensing Info: CA LMFT Lic # 49701
Where you live: Walnut Creek, CA
Hometown: Pleasanton, CA
Amount of time working at Talkspace: three months
Time working as a Therapist: 12 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

Why am I a therapist? Well I could write a book on that! I am afforded the opportunity to lead by following, to use art and science together, to make something out of nothing, to save a life. My amazing clients allow me into their hearts, into the deep crevices of their souls. If that is not a privilege, I don’t know what is! Nothing enriches my soul more than my relationships with my clients.

What made you start working at Talkspace?

Mental health care, therapy, whatever you want to call it, needs to be afforded to everyone. Today we have so many advances in technology and social media. To have an online platform that provides outstanding connectivity to our clients and follows legal and ethical standards is amazing. The future of therapy has arrived.

What has made you feel the most pride in your work?

That is an easy one: walking with my clients from a place of darkness to new places of hope and health. To watch the lotus bloom in murky water every day gives me pride in my work, and hope in humanity as a whole.

Can you think of a specific instance or moment that was inspiring?

Sure — speaking of the Lotus in Murky Water — my best friend had an artist create a painting for my office. I refer to that painting often. It has left its mark on many of my clients, so much so that one person had it tattooed on her to remind her of our work together.

Why is what you do important?


I think what I do is important because it creates something new: a new way of speaking, a new relationship, a new meaning. Although there is a strong stance on individualism, it is pivotal that we can discuss what connects us all. Through my work I am able to create new ways of thinking, new ways of living, which in turn creates healthier communities. I believe it is important for us to learn about ourselves, and seek to be our best selves, to learn skills to live authentically and in a state of kindness.

People in emotional pain don’t need to be fixed. I am not doing some kind of mental operation. I am simply helping people grow.

If you had once piece of advice for a therapy-seeker, what would it be?

Do not be afraid. With the correct therapist — a good fit -— therapy will change your life and your therapist will advocate for you like no one else.

We all have areas of our lives we struggle with. Entering a therapeutic relationship with a licensed professional does not mean you are inept, wrong or crazy. It shows you are self-aware, resourceful. By taking ownership of your struggles and having the courage to learn new coping techniques and speak freely about your thoughts, fears, emotions and dreams, you can be more insightful. This journey will lead you to becoming a more self-actualized human being.

We also all have rationale behind our choices, attitude and decisions. This rationale is often out-dated, however, stemming from our childhood or other arenas in our life that are no longer self-serving. Many of us live our lives not acknowledging the discontent or unhappiness we are feeling. We go about our day and accept life the way it is, not questioning how we can improve our situation or sense of self.

What do you do for fun?

Yoga, reading, any beach will do! There is nothing like getting my toes in the water and feeling the sun on my face.

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