How to Find the Best Marriage Counseling Near Me

Published on: 13 Aug 2020
Clinically Reviewed by Ashley Ertel, LCSW, BCD
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Marriage counseling, or couples therapy, is a type of therapy that focuses specifically on strengthening marriages and relationships. Maybe you and your partner are grappling with issues you aren’t able to resolve on your own, or are simply trying to find a way to learn more about each other before marriage. Couples counseling helps relationships of all types recognize and resolve conflicts and improve their bond, including ways to make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding, solidifying your partnership or making the hard choice to go your separate ways. With the right therapist, marriage counseling can be an accessible and affordable means of support.

A good way for you and your partner to start your counseling journey is by doing a simple internet search for “marriage counseling near me” — you should find an assortment of convenient, local options. Keep in mind, when starting your search for “marriage counseling near me,” to screen for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), who are trained to help couples diagnose their problems and find a way to work on solutions. 

As you search for “marriage counseling near me,” consider the questions below for information on marriage counseling’s key uses, benefits, cost, and where to find treatment — including online options.

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Why to Search for “Marriage Counseling Near Me”?

No matter your sexual orientation or partnership status, couples counseling can be a powerful resource. In some cases, couples use marriage counseling as an opportunity to draw closer and better connect with each other. Premarital counseling, for instance, can help individuals gain a deeper understanding of the goals and motivations of their partner before entering into marriage. If you choose to go to an in-person therapist, as opposed to using an online provider, picking a therapist in close proximity will save time commuting. 

Couples may search for “marriage counseling near me” to get help during a challenging period, like the birth of a child or after moving in together. Rough patches in relationships are normal, but when a rift grows between you and your partner, whether due to busy schedules or trouble connecting, it is easy to feel as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. In trying moments like these, it’s crucial to take that first step and search for “marriage counseling near me” so you can work on strengthening your relationship. Marriage counseling can help address issues such as:

  • Repeating the same fight over and over without any resolution
  • Disagreements on parenting, finances, or lifestyle choices
  • Feelings of inequality when it comes to household responsibilities 
  • Issues with sexual or romantic chemistry and intimacy
  • Feeling like the relationship is on auto-pilot
  • Experiencing a recent tragedy or loss and having trouble processing together
  • Dealing with substance abuse, infidelity, or mental health problems
  • Feeling unheard, or dealing with a partner who is emotionally unavailable

It is important to note that while couples counseling can be helpful during many periods of relationship strife, if you become fearful of your partner in any way, or your partner’s conduct could be considered abusive, counseling alone is not sufficient. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline to get immediate help and support.

Marriage Counseling Online

Strengthen your marriage with the help of an experienced, licensed marriage counselor, from home and at your convenience.

What is Marriage Counseling Like?

In a marriage counseling session, your therapist will create a safe environment for you and your partner. You’ll both put time and attention into your relationship and discuss what’s troubling you and what’s really on your mind.

Couples counseling is often short-term and typically includes both partners working with a therapist together (sometimes one partner may choose to work with a therapist alone for a period). While the specific treatment plan will depend on your situation and goals, in general, you will learn skills and strategies to help strengthen your relationship, including:

  • Opening communication channels
  • Problem-solving
  • How to discuss differences calmly and rationally

Before going through with your search for “marriage counseling near me,” you might be wondering: is marriage counseling effective? According to research from the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), 90 percent of couples who try marriage counseling feel their emotional health improve and two-thirds report improvements in their physical health. Perhaps the most impactful statistic of all is that three-quarters of couples see improvements in their relationships after marriage counseling. Rest assured, that marriage counseling has been proven to be an effective method for strengthening relationships. 

How Does Online Marriage Counseling Work?

If your search for “marriage counseling near me” doesn’t yield promising results, or you’re too busy to commit to appointment times, online therapy might be a better option for you and your partner. Reputable providers such as Talkspace provide couples with marriage counseling options that fit their schedule in a safe, HIPAA-compliant environment. With online couples counseling, you and your partner will be matched with a licensed therapist and use your phone or web browser to access private communication channels — text or live video — to share your experiences and work through the relationship challenges. 

An added benefit of online marriage counseling is that you and your partner can speak to a licensed therapist in a private, home environment. Taking part in counseling sessions online also eliminates the need for coordinating busy schedules or a commute to and from a therapist’s office. Online marriage counseling is a helpful option for those who struggle to attend regular in-office visits due to childcare issues, lack of transportation, or live in rural environments.

How to Find the Right Marriage Counselor Near Me

A critical component of finding “marriage counseling near me” is locating the right fit with your marriage counselor. The search can sometimes feel stressful and overwhelming. If you do not already have a recommendation for a marriage counselor, here are some ways to find a licensed professional:

  • Contact an online therapy provider, such as Talkspace
  • Psychology Today has detailed listings of therapists broken down by state
  • Visit the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy directory

How Much Does Marriage Counseling Near Me Cost?

Once you’ve found the right therapist for your needs, your next question may be around cost. Generally speaking, a person can expect online therapy costs to be more affordable than traditional, in-office sessions. With Talkspace, couples therapy is available for $89 to $99 a week, but in-office therapy averages much higher at $100 to $200 a session. 

Start Your Journey

Relationships require work and maintenance, and for many couples, marriage counseling is just the thing to help them move forward through difficult periods. Perhaps there are issues you are not able to resolve on your own, or you want to learn more about your partner before entering into marriage. No matter the challenge, beginning your “marriage counseling near me” search is the first step to bringing you two closer.

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