Talkspace is Donating Free Therapy to Medical Workers Fighting COVID-19

Published on: 19 Mar 2020
Clinically Reviewed by Reshawna Chapple, PhD, LCSW
Talkspace donates 1000 hours of therapy

Updated on 5/17/2022

As of May 5th 2020 all donated therapy hours have been redeemed by frontline health care workers, but Talkspace is now offering a 50% discount on the first month of our Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan.

At Talkspace, we’re doing our part to contribute to the global battle against the coronavirus. Today we announced our donation of 1,000 months of free online therapy to medical workers across the United States — those on the frontlines responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. Effective immediately, healthcare workers across the country can get access to a free month of our Unlimited Messaging Plus plan, online text therapy that includes unlimited text, video, and audio messaging with a licensed therapist.

Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Employees

This outbreak has put medical professional’s well-being in harm’s way both physically and emotionally — and now more than ever these brave healthcare providers are facing unprecedented stress, as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States continues to soar. Public health experts warn that, despite the precautionary measures being taken, the demand for intensive care beds will likely far exceed the number of hospital beds the U.S. is able to provide. The preparation for this massive influx of COVID-19 patients may strain the mental health of healthcare workers nearly to the breaking point.

Even long before the current COVID-19 crisis, almost half of the physicians in the United States have exhibited signs of burnout. As the coronavirus pandemic continues, burnout and stress will undoubtedly increase, which will have a significant impact on the well-being and mental health of medical workers across the country.

“The mental health of our social workers, nurses, doctors and other health personnel is now paramount,” says Talkspace CEO and co-founder Oren Frank. “They are on the frontlines of a rapidly growing pandemic, putting their own health and safety at risk to save others affected by the outbreak. At Talkspace, we feel it’s our responsibility to ensure they can access the care they need, in order to provide the care America needs from them right now.”

Talkspace, in addition to the 1,000 free months of therapy, has asked its network of thousands of therapist providers to donate their expertise and time to provide more free psychotherapy services to medical personnel. For each therapist donation, up until April 1st, Talkspace provided a 100 percent donation match. Talkspace also invites corporations and other organizations to continue to donate therapy months.

How To Gain Access To Talkspace As a Healthcare Worker

To assist nurses, doctors, and social workers cope with the stress, anxiety, and pressure of fighting the coronavirus, medical and healthcare workers can now receive a 50% discount off of their first month. To sign up, healthcare workers should register via the app (Google Play or App Store) or website by providing verification with their NPI and state of residence. Once certified, they will gain access to our Unlimited Messaging Plus plan.

Alternative Mental Health Resources

After seeing accelerating demand for therapy services since mid-February due to the outbreak, we’ve crafted free tools to provide support and guidance, including: therapist-led Facebook support groups and a COVID-19 channel on our Instagram account where you’re invited to ask questions related to coronavirus using the “Questions” feature on Instagram Stories. A 16-day therapist-led coronavirus program has also been incorporated to each of our subscriptions.

While in most ways it feels like our routines are crumbling and the world is being remade each — Talkspace is trying to do its part to help those who are helping us stay safe and healthy. Remember that, whatever you’re feeling right now, your feelings are valid and that everyone across the globe is facing a similarly tumultuous situation. Try not to allow yourself to engage too deeply with irrational or destructive thoughts, the stress of which can actually hamper your immune system’s ability to fight the virus. And, if you need to speak with a licensed therapist who can help you manage your worries and help you make the best decisions for yourself and your family — try Talkspace.

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