Talkspace Reviews: User Testimonials from Around the Web

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Talkspace has helped thousands of people live happier lives and bypass barriers to therapy. Lucky for us, some of those people went out of their way to document their experiences by writing in-depth reviews of our brand of online therapy.

We highlighted a few of them below. Browse through them to see if they help you decide whether Talkspace is right for you.

Note: Our prices have changed slightly since the publication of some of these reviews. We have added new services and addressed some of the constructive criticism in the reviews. There is now more research to back our efficacy as well. Continue reading Talkspace Reviews: User Testimonials from Around the Web

Anxiety Symptoms in Women: A Quick Guide

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Anxiety symptoms in women are generally the same as in men:

  • Thoughts about everything that can go wrong or something that might be wrong already
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Insomnia (sometimes a result of the thoughts)
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Becoming stressed quickly and easily
  • Sudden fear of death, embarrassment, illness, etc.
  • Fight-or-flight responses to something that can’t cause physical harm
  • Repeating ritual behaviors more than necessary (checking locks, grooming, etc.)
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Heart palpitations
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Chest pain
  • Feeling like you’re choking
  • Numbness
  • Chills
  • Hot flashes
  • Muscles tightening
  • Muscle aches
  • Headaches
  • Hairs standing up
  • Hives and rashes

The differences lie in how women tend to express and process these symptoms, and how they often focus their anxiety on certain issues more than men. There are also genetic, biological and neurological differences that make women more likely to develop anxiety and experience symptoms more frequently. Continue reading Anxiety Symptoms in Women: A Quick Guide

This Infographic Will Help You Understand Social Anxiety

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If you want to learn more about social anxiety, this infographic is a great place to start. It breaks down issues within social anxiety, including symptoms, myths and ways to cope.

Use it as an overview to begin your journey toward understanding social anxiety. If you have it, understanding it is the first step to dealing with it. Continue reading This Infographic Will Help You Understand Social Anxiety

Talkspace Is Officially Sponsoring ‘This Is My Brave’

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We are proud to announce our sponsorship of This Is My Brave, an organization that fights against the stigma of mental illness. This Is My Brave pursues this mission by helping people share personal stories about mental illness via several mediums, including live performances, blog posts and social media content.

By sharing stories that humanize and normalize mental illness, This Is My Brave is empowering people to be open about mental illness and seek treatment. We are excited to help them further this amazing and important work.

Part of Talkspace’s mission is combatting the stigma of mental illness and therapy. Many of our clients have stories about how stigma has been in a burden in their lives. By supporting This Is My Brave, we can put stories like theirs on stage.

We’ve helped thousands of people benefit from therapy for the first time. If you want to learn more about online therapy or text-messaging therapy, click on the links. You can also learn more about Talkspace by exploring our homepage.

To support This Is My Brave, visit their website, follow them on social media, donate to their cause or watch the video below!

How Ricardo Used Talkspace to Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Abuse

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Talkspace can change your life for the better. But how can you believe us until we show you?

Ricardo is one of thousands of people who use Talkspace to live a happier life and cope with mental health issues. Maybe his story will offer insights into how Talkspace could help you.

Ricardo’s Testimony

I came across Talkspace by accident as I was desperately searching for answers. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety for many years and was in the middle of a serious bout with both. Continue reading How Ricardo Used Talkspace to Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Abuse

Eating Disorders: A Story of Awareness

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– by Katie Colton

I had the opportunity to work at a clinical research lab with a young woman who suffered from bulimia nervosa. She said no one close to her knew she had an eating disorder because she had an average body weight and only binged or purged when she was alone.

She was happy no one knew about her disorder but simultaneously hoped someone would notice what she was going through and try to help. She felt both proud and ashamed of what she was doing to her body and had trouble admitting she had a problem. Continue reading Eating Disorders: A Story of Awareness

#StopStigma: A Blogger Opens Up About Her Depression

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For Mental Health Awareness Month, we asked some of our favorite bloggers to share their personal mental health stories to help #StopStigma. The more people speaking out about mental illness, the more people will know they aren’t alone in their struggles. Our aim is to encourage our Talkspace community and the broader mental health community to share their stories in a snowball effect, blasting stigma and breaking the silence.

This Is How I Struggle, By Kelly Bishop

You feel like you’re standing in your own way. So many things in your life should make you happy, yet you struggle to feel those elated emotions. It makes you hate yourself because you can’t let what is in front of you bring happiness. It’s not like you’re taking anything for granted, but it feels like you are, only because you’re as sad as ever when you shouldn’t be. Continue reading #StopStigma: A Blogger Opens Up About Her Depression

What Would a Therapist Say About Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders podium psychological profile

Check out the first part of our series if you’re interested in seeing Donald Trump’s psychological profile!

Bernie Sanders released a folk album in 1987 that even the record producer thought was terrible – but musical taste hasn’t stopped the 74-year-old Senator from Vermont from appealing to Democratic voters across our country.

Sanders ran for president to ensure politicians addressed issues such as single-payer healthcare and free education during Democratic primaries, but his ideas touched a nerve with voters. Now the long-serving politician is tied with Hillary Clinton to be the Democratic nominee.

In the second of our series on presidential hopefuls, Talkspace therapists assess Sanders’ psychological profile and how well it fits him for the job of president. Continue reading What Would a Therapist Say About Bernie Sanders?

These People Got Free Roses on Valentine’s…With One Catch

Talkspace Valentine's Day event

Imagine you are walking down the street on a freezing winter day — looking for something to warm your spirits — and encounter a group of strangers who offer you a free rose with only one condition: you need to indulge in some PDA. Continue reading These People Got Free Roses on Valentine’s…With One Catch

What Would a Therapist Say About Donald Trump?


Check out the second part of our series if you’re interested in seeing Bernie Sanders’ psychological profile!

Presidential election campaigns generally resemble a cross between a circus and a mud-fight. That’s fine, as it’s better for democracy if the candidates fight it out down in the mud — where everyone can see them — than behind closed doors, where they can get up to no good.

But this year, the grandstanding and childish hurling of insults has reached fever pitch with the appearance of Trump on the Republican campaign trail. His outspoken rhetoric has managed to offend immigrants and women, alienate Fox News (his natural supporters) and cause a possibly fatal split in the Republican party.

At the same time, Trump’s penchant for saying what he thinks and casting political correctness to the side has won him a legion of followers. His initial 3% of the national Republican vote has grown to 31%, giving him an 18% lead over his nearest rival, Texas senator Ted Cruz.

As part of a series on the personalities of the presidential candidates in the 2016 election, we decided to address the question everyone is asking: Does Donald Trump have the personality of a capable president? Continue reading What Would a Therapist Say About Donald Trump?