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Psychodynamic therapy can help you lead a healthier life by uncovering life experiences and emotional patterns that challenge your ability to thrive.

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Frequently asked questions

Psychodynamic therapy is a proven form of talk therapy designed to help a person experience relief from certain mental or emotional stress. Based in psychoanalytic theory, this approach is rooted in the idea that present-day problems are connected to unconscious conflicts from past experiences, and aims to identify the unknown roots of present pain in order to overcome it.
Psychodynamic psychotherapy can be used in individual treatment or in group therapy settings for couples or families. The most common mental health conditions that psychodynamic therapy can help to manage include:

​​Some Talkspace therapists offer psychodynamic therapy in their practice. Plans include the ability to message with your therapist daily, and some include live psychoanalytic psychotherapy sessions (video, audio, text).
If your insurance plan covers therapy, it may also cover online psychodynamic therapy. More and more insurance plans are covering therapy or counseling, so check with your insurance company to confirm your coverage details for psychodynamic therapy.
Psychodynamic therapy can be done online, and many members prefer it that way. Talkspace members message their therapist whenever, wherever, and get responses daily, 5 days a week. Live video, audio, and messaging therapy sessions are also available.
Psychodynamic therapists focus on exploring an individual’s past experiences and relationships to get a better picture of current challenges and any emotional patterns that have developed over time. Self-reflection and self-examination are the hallmarks of psychodynamic theory, with the therapist-patient relationship playing a vital role in treatment. The therapist aims to help a person recognize recurring emotional patterns such as defense mechanisms, and then use that insight to help change patterns that are no longer serving them. This form of therapy has shown to be effective in treating a wide range of symptoms associated with mental health conditions including depression, anxiety disorders, and panic disorder.