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Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a common form of therapy that focuses on what you can do in the present moment, rather than what happened in the past.

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Frequently asked questions

Cognitive behavioral therapy, commonly referred to as CBT, is a goal-oriented talk therapy approach that is often used to help manage the underlying symptoms of a mental health condition including stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, substance abuse, relationship problems, and many other issues. CBT treatment focuses on what is happening in your present life, rather than delving deep into your past, to help adjust your perceptions and behaviors by focusing on your thoughts, values, attitudes, and beliefs.
Yes, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is different from regular therapy in that it focuses on analyzing an individual’s thought patterns and beliefs in order to identify and modify dysfunctional behaviors. Instead of exploring the past, CBT takes a practical approach, equipping people with tools to effectively manage symptoms in the present.
Cognitive behavioral therapy can be done online, and many members prefer to do so. Online CBT therapy is a great option for those who travel often or prefer the privacy of taking a counseling session from home. Members message their CBT therapist whenever, wherever, and they respond daily, 5 days a week. Live video, audio, and messaging therapy sessions are also available through our online therapy platform. Online therapy offers a lot more scheduling flexibility than in-person treatment. When you see a therapist in person, you may only be able to hold one session per week; with online CBT treatment, your therapist may write back within the hour, once a day, or a few times a week.
There are various CBT techniques that can be used, but some examples of CBT may include replacing negative self-talk with more positive affirmations, practicing meditation for relaxation and stress reduction, and exposing yourself to feared situations that may bring on anxiety.
Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat a wide variety of conditions including anxiety and depression, sleeplessness, substance abuse, and relationship issues.
Yes, CBT can be done by yourself. Through self-reflection, you can identify and challenge maladaptive thoughts and beliefs, and take steps to create healthier coping mechanisms and behavior. However, the most successful outcomes typically occur when working with a trained therapist who can provide guidance, support, and accountability.
The cost of CBT online can vary depending on the type of provider and duration of treatment, however it generally ranges from around $50-$150 per session. Many insurance plans also cover the cost of CBT, making it an accessible and affordable form of mental health treatment.
If your insurance covers behavioral therapy treatment, it will likely cover cognitive behavior therapy. Many insurance plans now offer coverage for mental health services which include different therapy approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy. Additionally, your employer may provide a number of therapy sessions through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). However, the only way to know if your CBT sessions will be covered for sure is to check with your insurance provider to confirm your coverage details or ask your employer about therapy support through EAPs.
Talkspace offers cognitive behavioral therapy sessions in its private, virtual platform. Plans include the ability to message with your licensed therapist daily, and some include live online CBT therapy sessions (video, audio, text).