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The Dilemma


We owe our safety to the brave men and women who serve in our military. Unfortunately, many veterans face obstacles to finding work, starting or maintaining relationships, and living their lives. Despite their sacrifices, very few veterans receive adequate mental health care to help them overcome these obstacles. According to a 2004 study, only 30-40% of veterans and military personnel who screen positive for severe mental or emotional distress actually seek professional help.

Living with PTSD

For many veterans, the stress of combat can persist long after their service has ended, creating feelings of anxiety, depression, fear, sadness, and disconnectedness back home. These emotions can lay dormant, only to surface in unexpected flashbacks and outbursts.

If you are living with emotional pain and a constant sense of danger that doesn’t let up with time, you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, otherwise known as PTSD. You may think you will never feel normal again, or that this is your burden to suffer alone.

Talkspace Can Help

At Talkspace, we believe that every veteran and his or her family deserve a chance to live the highest quality of life possible. We want to make sure our veterans have access to affordable, confidential therapy.

Talkspace puts a professional, licensed therapist at your fingertips. You can message your therapist from the privacy of your smartphone or web browser, anytime and anywhere.

The Benefits

Stigma-Free & Confidential

Completely confidential. Your therapy stays between you and your therapist.


 Chat with your therapist whenever and wherever, on web or mobile. No scheduled appointments, no long wait


80% cheaper than traditional face-to-face therapy

The Therapists


At Talkspace, we work with many professional therapists who specialize in treating PTSD, trauma, severe depression, chronic anxiety, and different types of mental and physical abuse.

Our online therapists will help you develop new perspectives on life, teach you skills to cope with your circumstances, assist you with freeing yourself from problematic habits and/or destructive behaviors, identify your emotional triggers, improve the quality of your relationships, and assist you with getting your life back. We are here to help you live better.

User Reviews

Over 300,000 people already feel happier with Talkspace

“I’m so glad I gave this a chance… The advantage of this format is that I truly do not feel alone. At any time or any place I’ve got my therapist in my phone just a message away.”

Talkspace User / September 2014

“Robert is really good at understanding the patient and at giving specific and helpful advice. I have been through a lot of therapists but I think he has the fastest positive impact, also the strongest. He also gets back to you in good time!”

Talkspace User / August 2015

“Amazing I’m talking to a real person when I have trouble. No appointment needed, all in my hands. Anytime and anywhere.”

Talkspace User / October 2014