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Somatic experiencing therapy, also known as somatic therapy, centers on the mind-body connection. Using specialized techniques, somatic therapists help you process past trauma trapped in the body. Find a licensed therapist who has experience in somatic therapy, and get help today.

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What you’ll get from somatic therapy

A healing release

By releasing pent-up tension in the body, you’ll also work toward healing any physical and emotional stress you’re holding onto.

Mind-body connection

Somatic therapists understand that the mind and body are connected, and practice therapy that addresses pain and physical symptoms from the inside out.

Ongoing support

Receive dedicated support via daily online therapy messaging to help you apply what you learn in somatic therapy to daily life.

Energy and movement

Physical techniques like deep breathing, vocal work, and even dance and yoga are sometimes used in somatic therapy. Learn how to focus on and recognize bodily sensations that reflect your mental state.

Explore the past

Somatic psychotherapy may dig into issues you’re experiencing currently or treat a past trauma. Discover healing techniques to move past a previous traumatic experience.

Body awareness

Learn somatic psychotherapy techniques for continued body awareness. Enhance your understanding of the nervous system to address the mental and physical symptoms of trauma.

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  • No appointments or commuting needed
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  • Seamlessly switch therapists, at no extra cost
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Frequently asked questions

Somatic therapy works with the mind-body connection as a means of healing trauma. Using a combination of traditional talk therapy and bringing awareness to physical sensations, somatic therapy can address and help heal conditions like chronic pain, PTSD, and physical and emotional stress.
Somatic therapy can be used to treat a variety of mental health conditions, but tends to work especially well for those coping with trauma, chronic pain, or physical and emotional stress. Somatic experiencing therapy can be an effective treatment for individuals suffering from long standing challenges like developmental trauma or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as well as for people who are processing a singular traumatic event.
Yes, Talkspace has licensed mental health care providers who specialize in a variety of therapy approaches. Talkspace has therapists who use somatic therapy in their practice.
If your insurance covers behavioral therapy treatment, it will likely cover somatic therapy. Many insurance plans now offer coverage for mental health services which include different therapy approaches like somatic therapy. However, the only way to know for sure is to check with your insurance provider to confirm your specific coverage details. You can check your own insurance availability with Talkspace.
Yes, you can do somatic therapy online, and some people actually prefer somatic therapy from the comfort of home. With Talkspace online therapy, users can send unlimited written, video, and audio messages to their dedicated therapists in a secure chat room – from anywhere, at any time. Therapists respond daily on weekdays, and many choose to include weekends in their therapy schedules.

You can also select from one of three unique formats for your live sessions when you register: by video, by audio, and now, by live chat with your provider in real-time, for the duration of your live session. Enjoy the same quality of care, now with the convenience and flexibility of typing and chatting with your provider in the Talkspace app.

Somatic therapy aims to address both physical and mental health at the same time, allowing you to find relief faster. Somatic experience therapy’s purpose is to help a person recognize bodily sensations related to mental health issues and utilize that awareness to move through painful feelings and emotions.

Over time, somatic trauma healing therapy aims to help individuals become more aware of their body and learn somatic therapy techniques to release physical tension. These can include:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Sensation awareness
  • Physical exercise
  • Massage
  • Dance therapy
  • Grounding exercises