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“The process was identical to what I had experienced in traditional therapy, except I had access to it anytime I pulled out my iPhone.”

- Wall Street Journal

“Roughly 46 million Americans had a mental illness in 2011 but only 39% sought treatment. Barriers to seeking treatment include the cost, stigma, and time commitment. Talkspace aims to erase those barriers.”


“Talkspace is a super-cool app that connects you with a licensed therapist — privately — so that you can text about anything that might be worrying you.”

- Glamour

“I spent 7 days with a therapist who only knew me via text message — and I might never go back to traditional therapy again”

- Business Insider

“I could mentally purge into my phone and get instant gratification. Except the phone talked back. And I started to feel better.”

- The Today Show

“Talkspace allows users to connect with licensed therapists anonymously in order to talk out what’s on their minds.”

- The Huffington Post

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