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LGBT? Connect with a therapist who understands your world.

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Talkspace therapists Kat Glick and Amy Scarano at New Hope Pride on May 21, 2016

Stop the Therapist Hate Bill:

An Open Letter From Co-Founder Roni Frank to the Governor of Tennessee


Dear Governor Haslam,

Last Wednesday you signed into law a bill that gives therapists in Tennessee the legal right to deny clients services based on their sexual orientation. Regardless of the vague language and legalese you have hid behind in your defense of the bill, we know its primary purpose is to deny the LGBT community in Tennessee access to mental health care.

This bill is a moral abomination. Imagine a world where anyone could refuse service to people based on their sexual orientation. Think about a situation where a firefighter refused to keep a gay institution from burning to the ground, a policeman did not protect somebody or an emergency room turned away a patient. Access to mental healthcare is no less important.

By being on the wrong side of history and misusing your power as governor, you are contributing to the suffering of a community that is already disenfranchised from many mental health services.

As the co-founder of Talkspace, an online therapy company that provides therapy to all and has a large number of LGBT clients, I know all too well the difficulties the LGBT population has getting access to mental health care.

Because of discrimination and stigma, gay, bisexual and transgender populations are three times as likely — compared to heterosexuals —  to develop mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse.

LGBT youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide. The suicide rate in Tennessee is 15.2 percent per 100,000 people, which is significantly higher than the national average.

By signing this bill, you have begun the process of exacerbating these issues. People need therapists to prevent and treat mental health issues that affect all of us. Unlike your bill, mental illness does not discriminate.

Mental health care is a right, not a privilege. Reverse your decision and make sure nobody can be denied access to mental health care based on their sexual orientation. The people of your state deserve better.

It is immoral for any government to withhold such a vital service from its citizens. As an online therapy company dedicated to removing the barriers to access to therapy, Talkspace will stand with the LGBT community of Tennessee until therapy is accessible to all.

Roni Frank
Talkspace Co-Founder and Head of Clinical Services

Roni Frank is the Co-Founder and Head of Clinical Services at Talkspace, a company founded in 2012 with the mission to make therapy convenient, affordable and stigma-free through the use of online therapy. To learn more about Talkspace and the LGBT community, visit this page.

Introducing Unlimited Messaging Therapy™

Talkspace is therapy for how we live today—accessible 24/7, affordable & 100% secure. Our 1000+ licensed counselors are standing by to help you deal with whatever life throws your way.


“It Gets Better,”
But That Doesn’t Mean You Need to Go it Alone

According to the National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI), LGBT individuals are almost 3 times more likely than others to experience a mental health condition such as major depression or generalized anxiety disorder.

LGBT Couple

Battling the “Dual Stigma”

Many LGBT individuals report encountering a “dual” or “double stigma” when struggling to deal with mental health issues.

Social prejudices and anxieties about coming out to friends and family can exacerbate underlying emotional challenges, making it all the more important for LGBT individuals to build a strong support system as they work through life’s up’s and down’s.

LGBT Therapists

Our 1000+ licensed therapists include many LGBT individuals and others who specialize in helping individuals work through questions of gender, sexuality and identity. Our free consultation process will help you connect with a counselor who makes you feel comfortable and understood.


100% Judgement and Stigma-free

Talkspace is a 100% stigma-free platform. As a company, we believe everyone deserves access to mental health care wherever and whenever they need it. This year, we even hit Philly Pride to show our support our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning employees, counselors and users.

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“I’m so glad I gave this a chance… The advantage of this format is that I truly do not feel alone. At any time or any place I’ve got my therapist in my phone just a message away.”

Talkspace User / September 2014


“Robert is really good at understanding the patient and at giving specific and helpful advice. I have been through a lot of therapists but I think he has the fastest positive impact, also the strongest. He also gets back to you in good time!”

Talkspace User / August 2015


“Amazing I’m talking to a real person when I have trouble. No appointment needed, all in my hands. Anytime and anywhere.”

Talkspace User / October 2014

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We’ve recently added a new Video Messaging feature to enable you to send and receive HD video notes with your therapist, helping deepen your connection.


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