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Emotion-focused therapy helps individuals, couples, or families improve communication skills and overcome conflict while deepening their connection. EFT therapy teaches people to better recognize, accept, and manage their emotions to improve their mental health.

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What you’ll get from emotion-focused therapy

Improved attachment

Building stronger bonds helps establish a sense of emotional safety.

Emotional awareness

Emotion-focused therapy teaches you how to recognize your emotions more accurately and uses that awareness to drive change.

Open communication

Become more open and honest in your relationships and with yourself. Becoming more in tune with your emotions aids in effective communication.

Historical context

Understand the origins behind your feelings and how they affect your behavior.

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Frequently asked questions

Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) can help individuals, couples or families embrace their emotions and use them to change. Emotion focused therapy aims to help you develop a new awareness, acceptance, expression, and management of your emotions. This approach is versatile in that it can be used in family therapy to heal relationships, in couple’s therapy to resolve marital conflict, and in individual therapy to treat depression, anxiety disorder, and PTSD.
EFT uses techniques such as reframing, self-awareness building, emotional regulation, and validating one’s own emotional experience. The goal is to increase self-compassion and the ability to constructively manage emotions.
EFT is an approach to individual and couples therapy that emphasizes identifying, accepting and transforming intense emotions, while CBT is an individual therapy approach that works to modify how people think about certain situations to improve how they feel.
EFT Therapy aims to help individuals, couples and families better identify, experience, accept, and manage their emotions. The emotion regulation skills taught in EFT therapy allow people to become more skillful in processing the personal insights their emotions provide so they can use that information to become more emotionally adaptive. In EFT sessions, participants are encouraged to face underlying emotions in order to better process and change them.

EFT couples therapy and family therapy techniques operationalize the principles of attachment theory to help people better accept, regulate, understand, and express their emotions. Understanding attachment needs in one’s self and in those we’ve formed emotional bonds with helps to strengthen intimate relationships.

EFT has been demonstrated to be effective in a variety of contexts, including individual and couples therapy. According to a study published in The Journal of Lifelong Learning in Psychiatry, 77% of people did not relapse into symptoms of depression. It also was found to be more effective at reducing interpersonal problems than CBT. Additionally, research shows that 90% of couples who partake in EFT experience significant improvements in their relationship.
Emotion-focused therapy can be done online, and many prefer it that way. With Talkspace online therapy, users can send unlimited written, video, and audio messages to their dedicated therapist in a secure chat room — from anywhere, at any time. Therapists respond daily on weekdays, and many choose to include weekends in their therapy schedules. You can also select from one of three unique formats for your live sessions: by video, by audio, and now, by live chat with your provider in real-time, for the duration of your live therapy session. Enjoy the same quality of care as you would in face-to-face therapy, but with the convenience and flexibility of typing and chatting with your provider in the Talkspace app.
If your insurance plan covers therapy, it may also cover emotion-focused therapy. More and more insurance plans are covering therapy or counseling, so check with your insurance company to confirm your coverage details for emotion-focused therapy. You can also check insurance availability with Talkspace.
Some Talkspace therapists offer emotion-focused therapy in their practice. With Talkspace online therapy, users can send unlimited written, video, and audio messages to their dedicated therapists in a secure chat room. All plans come with unlimited messaging, and some include live video sessions for extra support. If needed, you also have the ability to change therapists or cancel your subscription at any time.