Mental Health Awareness Month

Between work, school, family, and friends, it’s all too easy to focus on your mental health last. But a big part of showing up for those you care about is showing up for yourself. When you prioritize your well-being, everyone around you reaps the benefits. 

And you start by giving yourself permission.

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Therapy can be the permission you need to prioritize your mental health.

Talkspace mental health permission slip

What does permission look like?

Permission means different things to different people. Maybe you set a boundary, or take a needed break. Maybe it’s about letting go, or being brave enough to try something different. A therapist can help you identify what you need and guide you on the path to getting there. 

You might give yourself permission…

  • To take a break.
  • To not be perfect.
  • To love and be loved.
  • To ask for help.
  • To set boundaries.
  • To trust your gut.
  • To be your own judge.
  • To show your true colors.
  • To move on.
  • To start all over again.
I give myself permission to:
take a day for my mental health
I give myself permission to:
fully feel my emotions
I give myself permission to:
leave my comfort zone
I give myself permission to:
ask for help
I give myself permission to:
be vulnerable

What we’re doing

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What month is Mental Health Awareness Month?

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Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed yearly in May since 1949.

What is the purpose of Mental Health Awareness Month?

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Mental Health Awareness Month raises awareness for mental health conditions, which reduces stigma and normalizes the conversation around mental health. Also cover why this month is important
Mental Health Month helps provide support to those struggling with mental illness, educating the public and advocating for policies that support people with mental illness. This month helps raise awareness around the impact of trauma on the emotional, physical, and mental health of communities and individuals. Mental health Month has highlighted the need for prevention and treatment of mental health issues.

What is the theme for Mental Health Awareness Month 2022?

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In 2022, Talkspace’s Mental Health Awareness Month is focused on giving yourself permission to prioritize your mental and emotional well-being—and that can mean writing yourself a “permission slip” to go out there and do it. Previous years have centered on reducing mental health stigma and turning a corner to face new beginnings.

What can trigger mental illness?

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There are many different types of triggers that can impact mental health. External triggers include negative stimuli in the environment such as people, places, and things. Internal triggers are negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Trauma triggers are reminders of a past traumatic event we have experienced such as a place or a situation.

How can I help raise awareness for mental health?

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  1. Talk about it! Share posts on your social media, ask your loved ones how they are doing. Just about everyone has seen some type of impact on their mental health during the past year of the pandemic especially! 
  2. Share information on various aspects of mental health. Seek resources on mental health with others. 
  3. If you see a friend or loved one having a hard time, reach out.  Ask how you can best support them at this time.  
  4. Learn about mental health—anything from anxiety, to depression, to PTSD, and so much more. Knowledge is power.