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Lynn Hamilton


Lynn Hamilton:

Well, I think usually the only thing worse than standing between an audience and lunch, is standing between an audience and cocktail hour. So, be rest assured that I will keep this brief. First, I want to thank all of our panelists, our moderators, all of our speakers, for what I thought was an amazing day. There was so much information shared. I would love to go around and ask everybody to give me the one or two things, and just quick buzz words that stuck out about the day. But don’t worry, I won’t. Because that would be a whole another hour, and so we don’t want to do that.

I don’t think any of us will forget Lori’s amazing story about the depths of her addiction and the challenges she faced when she realized that she should have gotten help, and could she have gotten help, sooner. That really branches into so many different tentacles that were very recurring themes today. So, stigma, we all know stigma, we talk about stigma, we heard some ways that people are helping to remove stigma. And what would that be? Well, it’s opening access. And how do you open access? As Andy mentioned, meet people where they are. Understand your population. Understand your employees. How is it convenient for them to access services? How are they going to feel confident enough to take that step to get the help that they need for their depression, anxiety, or substance use?

We heard … Probably one of my favorite buzzwords from this morning was prescribing software solutions. Like, how fascinating is that? To think that we don’t have to be a society that depends solely on prescription drugs to fix the problem anymore. That there really are other ways, and we need to be open to thinking about those ways.

Again, in closing, I think it was just an amazing day from all of our panelists and moderators. Whether again, it was talking about how do we open access and make help available? And make people feel proud for the steps that they are taking to get the help that they need. I hope that everyone leaves here today thinking about both the challenges that they face in their employees, and as their head of employer solutions, as well as some of the solutions that can be brought to bear. Whether it’s any of the solutions that were discussed today, or some combination or different pieces and parts. There are certainly, as we saw, no shortage of solutions that are being brought to market.

So I invite you all to join us for cocktail hour, and as you go back to your daily routine tonight and tomorrow, to think about the different ways of bringing solutions to your employees. They are, of course, your most valuable asset. The cost, bot in tangible dollars, as well as intangible human capital, is almost immeasurable. Lori mentioned a half a trillion dollars, again probably another factoid that will stick with most people. So thank you again for being here, thank you for participating. Please feel free to join us on the second floor for cocktail hour. Have a wonderful afternoon.