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You Are Not Alone

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental disorders, affecting over 40 million adults in the U.S. While it’s common for people to experience some anxiety in everyday life, those suffering from anxiety disorders may have severe feelings of anxiety that persist and increase over time. Anxiety disorders can come in a variety of forms, including nervousness, irrational fear and apprehension, panic, and social anxiety.

Therapy Can Help

Anxiety is a treatable mental illness, but only 1/3 of the population afflicted with it actually seeks help.


Anxiety can control your day-to-day life, your relationships, and your career. Therapy has been shown to be an effective way to treat anxiety, but very few people with anxiety disorders actually seek help. Untreated anxiety can escalate and bring on panic attacks, psychosomatic disorders, and other issues that could otherwise be prevented with treatment.

Take Control of Your Anxiety Today

Talkspace can help.

Talkspace connects you with a professional, licensed therapist who is experienced in dealing with anxiety disorders. You can message your therapist anytime and anywhere, from your smartphone or the web. There’s no need to schedule an appointment, and no limit on your messaging.

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I’m so glad I gave this a chance… The advantage of this format is that I truly do not feel alone. At any time of place I’ve got my therapist in my phone, just a message away.

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See what our happy users are saying:

Talkspace has been a godsend. They matched me with an amazing therapist who genuinely seems interested in me and my problems.

Talkspace User – July 2015

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