Introducing Talkspace’s Guaranteed Response Time

Published on: 13 Jun 2019
Talkspace's Guaranteed Response Time feature

At Talkspace one of our primary missions is to continuously improve the quality of our service — to make your experience of therapy better. These improvements have included things like letting you visually see the progress you’re making in therapy, easily switch therapists so you can find the best possible match, and the ability to quickly schedule video sessions according to your therapist’s availability.

One thing we’ve heard from our clients is that you want to know when you’ll get a response from your therapist. No one wants to be kept guessing about when they’ll hear back from someone important — whether it’s a friend, a love interest, or even your family — but especially not from a therapist. And it helps set clear and consistent expectations.

Not knowing when you’ll get a response can be stressful. That’s why Talkspace’s new “Guaranteed Response Time” helps you know exactly when you can expect a reply from your therapist.

Therapist Response Times

Starting today, when you sign up for a new Talkspace plan, you’ll have the ability to let your therapist know when you have completed a thought and are ready to hear from them. You’ll see a button appear in your room that conveniently allows you to indicate this to your therapist.

Simply tap the button letting your therapist know that you’ve finished your thought or series of messages and that you’re ready for their reply. Once you do, you’ll see the expected response time, letting you know the right time to check back in for a response and plan accordingly.

Talkspace therapist notified
After letting your therapist know you’re ready for their reply, you’ll see confirmation and an expected time for their response.

Your therapist will be notified that you’re ready to hear from them and they’ll get back to you with a text, video, or audio message by the agreed upon time (depending on whether your therapist prefers to reply in the morning or afternoon).

This new feature is simple and takes the guesswork out of speaking with you therapist. It will help:

  • You trust that your therapist will respond by the agreed upon time
  • Your therapist to focus on the good work that they do, without having to discuss their schedule or when they’ll be able to respond
  • You and your therapist to pace treatment effectively and consistently

How do I see Guaranteed Response Time

While the Guaranteed Response Time feature will automatically be available to new clients, those who up their service to include a video session, or, if you already receive one video session/month, upgrade to 4 live video session/month will also be able to take advantage of the feature. You can also upgrade to ensure that you have access to Guaranteed Response Time.

Try Guaranteed Response Time Today

If you’ve been thinking about trying online therapy, now you’ll always know when you can expect a reply from your therapist. If you’re thinking about starting your online therapy journey today, start by signing up here, or download our iOS or Android apps.

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