How To Survive Wedding Season Stress

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Life transitions — regardless of whether they are happy or sad occasions—are inherently stressful. And yet, they are something we all go through at one time or another, whether it’s a job change, a break-up, a big move, or the birth or death of a loved one. Watching others go through these transitions can be stressful as well, especially if they trigger our own difficult memories or feelings.

While wedding season can be a time of fun and merriment, it can unearth all sorts of mixed emotions. Weddings are a major life event jam-packed with feelings of fear and high expectations — expectations that can be easily crushed.

If we are the ones getting married, we will likely have our own deeply personal set of fears about this transition: Will life ever be the same as it once was? What if our feelings change? Will our marriage last? These questions are natural, but extremely stressful nonetheless. Continue reading How To Survive Wedding Season Stress

Healthy Wedding Planning: Managing Life Before and Happily Ever After

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You’ve most likely seen the movies that make fun of wedding planners for being over the top. Maybe you’ve watched shows about Bridezillas who have lost touch with reality. And there’s a good chance you’ve read a few articles that said you can easily reduce stress if you follow “10 steps” while planning your wedding reception.

While most of the aforementioned are well-intended, the majority miss the big picture of successful wedding planning and fail to acknowledge the long-term mental health benefits of prioritizing and being disciplined during this incredible experience.

Energy and expectation management along with work and life integration extends far beyond the days leading up to the wedding, the wedding reception itself and the honeymoon. Consider the following guidance if you are interested in achieving fulfillment on a consistent basis, not only for a single chapter of your life. Continue reading Healthy Wedding Planning: Managing Life Before and Happily Ever After