Good Mental Health: 12 Therapist-Approved Tips

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Good mental health is both a state of mind and a lifestyle. Part of it is developing a rational, positive mindset about oneself and the world. Having sources of pleasure and a manageable level of stress facilitates good mental health as well.

Additionally, it’s important to have a lifestyle that helps maintain this state of mind. This goes beyond fulfillment in work and relationships. It’s about regularly engaging in activities that provide a sense of peace or catharsis, including being in nature, meditating, or working with a therapist.

By practicing good mental health, people become more resilient and able to cope when their lives are riddled with stress and misfortune.

“Practicing good mental health habits before you feel distressed is like putting money in the bank for the bad times,” said Jude Miller Burke, Ph.D., a business psychologist and author of The Adversity Advantage. “When a bad time then comes, you are more prepared.”

If you feel like you’re missing a positive mindset or healthy lifestyle, try out some of the tips we gathered by asking therapists how to practice good mental health. Continue reading Good Mental Health: 12 Therapist-Approved Tips

6 Helpful Tips On How to Unleash Your Motivation

6 Helpful Tips On How to Unleash Your Motivation

“I just have way too much motivation. I don’t know what to do with it all!” said no one ever.

– by Melissa Wildt, MS, LMHC / Talkspace Therapist

Do you ever find yourself procrastinating and you’re not sure why? It’s absolutely true that the longer we put off doing something, the more stress it can cause us in the long run. Most of us know how this can feel, but not how using strategic motivation can help end this cycle of frustration. Continue reading 6 Helpful Tips On How to Unleash Your Motivation