How Talkspace De-stresses

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Stress has been a part of the human experience since the dawn of consciousness. It’s an instinctual reaction to perceived threats, originating as humans made their way up the food chain. Gone though are the saber-toothed tigers and growling bellies of our ancient past. Our new threats are red bubbles with numbers in them, and politically-charged talk radio over hour-long commutes.

Prolonged stress takes its toll. Over 70 percent of Americans report experiencing physical and psychological symptoms caused by their stress. Productivity loss and health care related to stress costs employers close to $300 billion annually, according to the same American Psychological Association study. Stress has reached epidemic proportions, and how to cope with, or manage modern stress has become a literal “billion dollar question”.

In honor of “Stress Awareness Month”, Talkspace asked our therapist community and co-workers to share their favorite ways to de-stress.* We hope you discover some beneficial new stress management solutions!

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Why Use Picture Messaging in Online Therapy?


If you’re reading this blog post, odds are you are at least somewhat familiar with Talkspace. If not, let me fill you in.

Talkspace is an online therapy platform and app that allows clients and therapists to send an unlimited number of messages back and forth, securely and confidentially. No commutes or scheduling — with all the benefits of traditional, in-person therapy. Needless to say, convenience and affordability are major selling points of the platform.

The vast majority of our users send texts, though many additionally rely on both video and audio messages. What may surprise you is that there is also a significant subset of people who regularly communicate using another format: picture messaging.

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Therapist Tips for How to Feel Better When Life Gets Tough

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When life is challenging, we reflexively ask ourselves, “How can I feel better — fast?” At Talkspace many people connect with one of our therapists when they are going through a crisis and need someone to throw them a line. To offer some collective therapeutic wisdom, we asked therapists which pieces of advice they tend to give to clients who are going through a rough time.

Sometimes suffering gives you the opportunity to learn more about yourself, other people, and the world. That knowledge will ultimately help you make better choices and perhaps avoid situations that cause stress or heartbreak.

“When you know better, you do better,” said Talkspace therapist Chandricka Mose. “Look at the experience and take away the lesson you were meant to learn.” Continue reading Therapist Tips for How to Feel Better When Life Gets Tough

3 Therapists Open Up About Why They Work for Talkspace

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Psychotherapists are sometimes skeptical about online therapy. Some of the concerns stem from the medium itself. They imagine that it’s difficult to build relationships online, that the lack of body language limits its effectiveness, that tone and nuance are lost in communication. Other concerns center around hours of availability, fear about managing emergencies, or about licensing restrictions.

The vast majority of therapists, however, are interested in embracing new technologies — tools that help them be more data-driven, more available, and better able to track client progress. They’re passionate about how technology can empower their practice, but worry about using it in a safe way that doesn’t endanger their clients’ privacy or expose them to undue liability, as communicating via SMS, email, or Skype does.

Talkspace is one of the technologies helping therapists reach new clients — a HIPAA certified platform that provides a more convenient therapy experience for clients and therapists, one that employs banking-grade encryption and is fully compliant with state licensing regulations. Talkspace also has strict protocols in place to handle emergency situations, including an on-staff Crisis Intervention Expert, continual client risk assessments, and a secure on-platform tool to capture emergency contact information. Talkspace therapists typically set their own flexible hours and reply to clients twice daily on business days. Continue reading 3 Therapists Open Up About Why They Work for Talkspace

Meet Our Therapists: Kendra Simpson

Kendra Simpson Talkspace therapist headshot

Name: Kendra Simpson
Licensing Info: Licensed Clinical Social Worker [LCSW], Licensed Independent Substance Abuse Counselor [LISAC]
Where you live: Arizona
Hometown: Michigan
Amount of time working at Talkspace: almost two years
Time working as a Therapist: 15 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

I’ve known I wanted to be a therapist since middle school. I began working in this field because I felt an innate drive to help others and had a huge curiosity toward the human mind and human behavior.

Over time, however, I have begun to realize this work grants me knowledge beyond what I imagined. Most recently I am reminded that despite all the negativity we are exposed to in this world, I get to interact with positive, hopeful, brave and courageous people each and every day! Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Kendra Simpson

Meet Our Therapists: Marci Payne

Marci Payne Talkspace therapist headshot

Name: Marci Payne
Licensing Info: Licensed Professional Counselor [LPC] in MO #2001000713
Where you live: Kansas City, MO
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Amount of time working at Talkspace: nine months
Time working as a Therapist: 18 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

I’ve always been interested in the psychology behind people’s actions. As far back as I remember, people turned to me with their problems. Being the oldest in my family, I had to take a helping role. My interests and strengths made going into counseling and psychology a natural step for me.

I also have learned a lot about myself. Being in this field has motivated me to constantly be working on myself. I know I can only coach others as far as I can get myself.

I’m extremely passionate about relationships and people feeling empowered to deal with challenges more confidently. People’s fear and anxiety can distract them from seeing the choices they have. I help people break down problems and relationships into choices that empower and connect them. Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Marci Payne

Meet Our Therapists: Pamela Hayes

Pamela Hayes Talkspace therapist headshot

Name: Pamela M Hayes
Licensing Info: California LMFT, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, ATR-BC, Board Certified Art Therapist (#97-055)
Where you live: Los Angeles, CA
Hometown: Shaker Heights, OH
Amount of time working at Talkspace: eight months
Time spent working as a therapist: 24 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

I consider myself an artist and always have. I was first introduced to the idea of Art Therapy when I was a teenager. I have always been artistic, and my high school art teacher, Mr. Hoffman, took our entire class on a field trip. He brought us to a gallery exhibit of artwork, not by artists, but by people suffering from migraine headaches. The creative representation of their pain entranced me. It never before occurred to me that art and medicine could be so interwoven. Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Pamela Hayes

Meet Our Therapists: Kate Denihan


Name: Katharine “Kate” Denihan
Licensing Info: NYS LCSW-R 072088
Where you live: New York, NY
Hometown: New York, NY
Time working at Talkspace: 11 months
Time working as a Therapist: 15 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

I am working in mental health because I feel a deep need to help others who are seeking assistance, guidance and support. I have two personal life experiences, one from childhood and one more recent, that solidified my dedication to this special field.

Growing up with a brother who has special needs, I wanted to have a voice and be an advocate for people who can’t advocate for themselves. My brother, Tully, has more challenges than most people I know. Nonetheless, he brings joy and this unexplainable light to all he comes into contact with. Tully’s big-heartedness inspires me to help people find inner peace and happiness.

About two years ago, I lost my youngest brother, Charlie, at the age of 28 to an accidental drug overdose. Mental health, addiction, stigma, loss, and the intricacies of care are all very personal to me. There is no other field in which I could bring this breadth of knowledge, experience and deep desire to help. While this tragic experience is at times hard to articulate, the lingering feeling of loss has forever changed my outlook on life and in many ways has helped me to emphasize the importance of mental health. Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Kate Denihan

Meet Our Therapists: Sorrenta Stuart

Sorrenta Stuart

Name: Sorrenta Stuart
Licensing Info: CA LMFT Lic # 49701
Where you live: Walnut Creek, CA
Hometown: Pleasanton, CA
Amount of time working at Talkspace: three months
Time working as a Therapist: 12 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

Why am I a therapist? Well I could write a book on that! I am afforded the opportunity to lead by following, to use art and science together, to make something out of nothing, to save a life. My amazing clients allow me into their hearts, into the deep crevices of their souls. If that is not a privilege, I don’t know what is! Nothing enriches my soul more than my relationships with my clients. Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Sorrenta Stuart

Meet Our Therapists: Denise Garcia

Denise Garcia Talkspace therapist headshot

Name: Denise Garcia
Licensing Info: LMFT-S, LPC
Where you live: Spring, TX
Hometown: The Woodlands, TX
Amount of time working at Talkspace: three months
Time working as a Therapist: 10 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

I was drawn to therapy as listening and being patient and empathetic are natural strengths for me. I was drawn to psychology as well. I enjoy talking with people and learning about people. Therapy is a place where I can utilize these strengths and combine my analytical side with my creative side. I can give to others in this capacity. Helping others is one of my most important values. Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Denise Garcia