Is it Possible to Outsource Your Anxiety?

Managing your anxiety by receiving help from another

You know the problems that come with over-scheduling yourself, but you do it anyway. And so you’re stressed, and you’re exhausted. All the competition for your time is manifesting into more anxiety, but you have little time to reflect on what you want and what you need to stay well.

If you want to ease your chronic unrelenting stress, then, “be less busy” is the obvious answer — but it’s an annoyingly unattainable one. After all, if you could just knock things off your to-do list to make time for an afternoon of reading by the fire, wouldn’t you be doing that already?

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What Is Second-Hand Anxiety?

Anxious young woman being comforted by a friend

Your friend comes over after a bad day. Huffing and puffing, he brings it all to you: His boss was a jerk, he accidentally deleted his presentation, and spilled coffee on a new white shirt. Suddenly, you find yourself tense, even though you were having a relaxed day.

What gives?

There’s a name for the phenomenon of stress spreading: second-hand anxiety. Second-hand anxiety, or second-hand stress, is not a psychological diagnosis, illness, or disorder. It is, rather, a neurological phenomenon that refers to the way emotions spread.

Understanding how second-hand anxiety works not only teaches us more about the social nature of emotions, but can also help us keep our cool when other people’s negative emotions overwhelm us.

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From the Experts: How to Maintain Health and Wellness

From the Experts How to Maintain Health and Wellness

What do health and wellness mean to you?

– by Katherine Glick, LPC, LCADC, BCHHP / Talkspace Therapist

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How Stress Affects Our Bodies

How Stress Affects Our Bodies

We’ve all been told that stress is bad for our bodies, but how many of us actually know why that’s the case? While ignorance may be bliss in certain cases, it’s beneficial for us to learn a little bit more about the impact of stress on our general health and well-being. Its effects might surprise you. Continue reading How Stress Affects Our Bodies