How a Healthy Morning Routine Can Benefit Your Mental Health

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I’ve never understood the people who are able to set one alarm for the morning and actually wake up at that designated time. I didn’t count, but I think I set 15 alarms this morning all in 5 to 10 minute increments. Once I finally got out of bed, I threw on clothes, didn’t eat breakfast and ran out the door — only to be angry at myself, and still not feel well rested. On the way to where I needed to be, I asked myself, “WHY AM I LIKE THIS!?”

I set out to figure out if I’m alone in this mayhem by asking some of my friends about their morning routines (or, lack thereof).

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The 6 Habits Mentally Fit People Practice

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Physical fitness gets a lot of attention, and for good reason — good physical health can prevent conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, and help you maintain a long, independent life. But often neglected is mental fitness — having a healthy and strong mind to allow you to handle the challenges and opportunities that life puts in front of you.

A common thought is that the absence of a mental health disorder means that a person is mentally fit and emotionally well, but according to Rachel O’Neill, a licensed professional clinical counselor, that’s a dangerous misconception. “An individual can certainly experience periods of stress, discomfort, sadness, or anxiety without necessarily meeting criteria for a mental health disorder,” she said. “Mental wellness is a process, and just like physical health, it’s an ongoing process to maintain mental and emotional wellness.”

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7 Ways to Take a Mental Health Vacation (Without Getting on a Plane)

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I’m a huge advocate for travel as a means to improve mental health and wellness since recently experiencing the benefits myself — but I also know that not everyone has the ability to take a week off of work and hop on a plane. Have no fear, because you can still reap the benefits of a vacation without getting on a plane, traveling outside of your state, or breaking the bank. Here are seven ways to take a local mental health vacation!

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How I Trained Myself to Worry Better

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How I Trained Myself to Worry Better” originally appeared on Shine, an advice blog that makes it easier for you to take care of yourself.

We’re in a golden age of tracking: We track our steps, our sleep, our time on Facebook and other sites we deem “productivity killers” (looking at you, Instagram). But one thing we still don’t track or think about much: the amount of time we spend worrying.

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What Is Happiness, Anyway?

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If you Google the phrase “how to be happy,” you’ll be met with about 207 million answers.

There’s the recent study that examined how much money a person needs to make to lead the happiest and most satisfied life possible ($95,000/year for overall satisfaction, and $60-75,000 for day-to-day happiness). There’s a quiz on how to be happier at work, infinite mommy blogs detailing how to find personal happiness as a mom, wellness publications offering unconventional ways to boost happiness, religious content exploring what happiness looks like as a Christian … you get the point. Everyone has something to say about what it means to be happy. As a result, happiness feels almost like a myth.

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The Best Mental Health Bloggers You Need to Follow

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Educating the masses on mental health and battling the stigma of mental illness is a massive mission. That’s why the world needs dedicated mental health bloggers and writers who frequently cover relevant issues. They help us think progressively so we can build a world where everyone takes mental health seriously and does not discriminate against those with mental illness.

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Holidays Stressing You Out? Change Your Thinking with 3 Tips

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We look forward to the holidays with anticipation and, perhaps, some trepidation. There can be a lot of stress and pressure during holiday activities. This short article will present some thinking tips for the holidays, some ideas you can use to make the holiday season less stressful and more pleasant.

Thinking Tip #1: Get Away from “Should” Thinking and Into Preferences

One of the most common ways in which we get ourselves upset is by thinking other people ‘should’ or ‘must’ behave or act certain ways. If a family member is being selfish or shortsighted, we will be upset with them. It would be nice if they were less selfish and more thoughtful, but there is a big difference between thinking they should versus a preference of it being nice if they would.
When we acknowledge it as a preference that is not happening, we are mildly and temporarily disappointed. When we believe they should act a certain way, we can be upset, sometimes enraged for extended periods of time.
The tip here is to shift your thinking that others ‘should’ or ‘must’ act a certain way to thinking it would be nice if they did but certainly not a requirement for your enjoyment and peace of mind. Continue reading Holidays Stressing You Out? Change Your Thinking with 3 Tips

Don’t Forget to Thank the Most Important Person in Your Life: You

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Paul hated the holidays. It wasn’t only keeping up with appearances. Paul couldn’t keep up with his mind and feelings.

When our minds are racing, we get angry and scared and try to rescue ourselves by “snapping out of it.” But what if doing that shoves us on to the treadmill of our thoughts and emotions?

If you feel like you can’t keep up, how about taking a little time to give thanks. Gratitude actually takes us to a place of safety. Too often, we give thanks for other people and what we have. Perhaps this year, we could cultivate gratitude for ourselves. Here are some questions to reflect on. Continue reading Don’t Forget to Thank the Most Important Person in Your Life: You

The Mental Health Effects of Social Media Use

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Social media has transformed our culture into one of over-sharing. As we spend more and more time online, it is important we look at how this may affect our mental health.

#NoFilter? Not Really: The False Reality of Social Media

Through Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram photos, we peep a snippet of someone’s edited life. Sometimes we find ourselves judging our own lives with these updates, tweets and photos. The comparisons we make to our realities are unfair, because these snippets are a #filtered perspective of someone else’s life. There is no such thing as #nofilter. The comparisons we make can cause feelings of inferiority that lead to low self-esteem. Continue reading The Mental Health Effects of Social Media Use

Ronda Rousey: The Undefeated UFC Champion Takes on Mental Health

Ronda Rousey: The Undefeated UFC Champion Takes on Mental Health

Ronda Rousey, the most dangerous unarmed woman in the world, is an avid champion of mental health who’s using personal experience to raise awareness about eating disorders and body dysmorphia. 

No one was surprised when Ronda Rousey, an American Judo Olympian and UFC Mixed Martial Artist, defeated Brazilian challenger Bethe Correia on her own turf in 34 seconds during the UFC Bantamweight Championship on August 1st. But a lot of people may be surprised to learn that the remarkable 28 year old fighter, model, and actress is also a champion of mental health focused on eradicating stigma that surrounds it by using social media. Continue reading Ronda Rousey: The Undefeated UFC Champion Takes on Mental Health