Something You Didn’t Know About Alan Rickman

alan rickman mental health advocate

When a beloved actor dies, we mourn ten times more because it feels like their characters have died with them. It feels like Voldemort killed Snape again, doesn’t it?

But here’s the silver lining: Alan Rickman’s passing inspires us to learn more about him as we honor his memory. Keep reading to learn something you most likely didn’t know about the beloved British actor.

Alan Rickman Was an Advocate for Advancing Mental Health Treatment and Fighting Stigma Against Mental Illness

Rickman was one of the most prominent signatories of a campaign to increase funding for mental health services in England, according to BBC News. If you look at his personal background and history of supporting organizations with liberal principles, you’ll see why Rickman would be interested in furthering aid for people dealing with mental illness.

The son of a factory worker, Rickman came from a working class family and supported the liberal Labour Party in England. His father died when he was only eight-years-old, leaving his mother to struggle financially and support him and his siblings on her own.

Empathetic because of his years spent as a struggling actor, Rickman became the honorary president of the International Performers Aid Trust, a charity that financially assists performing artists around the world. He also supported facial surgery research foundation Saving Faces and Amnesty International.

Rickman was an amazing actor, but above all he was a decent human being who used his wealth to help the disadvantaged and underrepresented. Let’s honor his existence by continuing his charity work and fighting the stigma of mental illness.

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