Social Media For Good: 15 of the Best Tweets About Depression

Social Media For Good: 17 of the Best Tweets About Depression

Depression, one of the most common and most stigmatized mental disorders of them all, has had a rare moment in the spotlight this summer as Twitter users spoke out and banded together over the illness.

– by Molly Enking / Talkspace Social Media Manager

Their tweets offer a rare glimpse into the world of those who struggle with depression daily, but may not speak up – even to their loved ones.

Using the hashtags #TheWorstPartOfDepressionIs (trending August 7th), #MHDignityMarch (trending August 18th) and #EndTheStigma (used by most mental health organizations), users are bravely opening their hearts and minds to the Twittersphere—and promoting a conversation that very much needs to happen in this country.

We’ve rounded up some the best and most insightful Tweets about depression for you to see here. Read these through, then head to Twitter to join us in this important conversation.

*Warning: some of these tweets could be triggering to someone suffering from Depression.

Some users posted eerily accurate & spot-on illustrations of what the disorder feels like:

Finally, some users acknowledged how powerful the experience of speaking out had been, and left the conversation on a hopeful note:

Its been incredibly inspiring to watch how open strangers are being with each other on Twitter about a topic that is as highly stigmatized as depression.

Most often, social media does us more harm than good. Recently emerging studies have been lamenting the effects these platforms have on our minds, bodies and social lives, as well as the fabric of society as a whole. Though we, at Talkspace, are big proponents of moderating social media usage – keep your eye on this blog for more about our Social Media Cleanse, coming in September – we must admit that in this case, people are using Twitter in the best possible way.

#TheWorstPartOfDepression is feeling isolated, lonely, and alienated.

For those suffering from depression and other mental illnesses such as anxiety, OCD and eating disorders, there is a community of users on Twitter that will embrace you with open arms and say, “Youre just like me.” And on some days, its all you need to keep your depression at bay.


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