The Right Way to Send Someone a Talkspace E-Gift Card

Published on: 24 Sep 2019
Talkspace e gift card

Sending a friend or family member a Talkspace E-Gift Card is a great idea! You need to be tactful, though. If you send it without having a positive conversation with them beforehand, they might take it as you saying they are annoying or need to be “fixed.”

Remember, this gift card is not a way of saying “you need help” to someone. It is an invitation for this person to join you in living a happier and mentally healthier life. Keep reading to learn how to have the right conversation with the one you care about before sending the gift card.

Familiar with Talkspace? Share Your Experience!

One way to reduce the risk of people taking the Talkspace gift card the wrong way is talking about your experience. Mention a favorite therapist they can ask for or maybe detail how it has improved your life. Stress the affordability and convenience along with the extra savings from starting with the gift card.

This levels the playing field. You are not looking down on them from a place of superior mental health. You are asking them to join you.

Use “I” Language and Avoid Too Much “You” Language

“It seems like you needed help. You should use this gift card.”
“I thought this Talkspace gift card might help during the tough times…”

“You” language can sound a bit condemning or patronizing in situations like this. “I” takes the pressure off and makes it easier to start with feelings about the person rather than judgments or assumptions.

Explain How Therapy is For Everyone

Everyone can benefit from therapy. You don’t have to deal with mental illness or be going through a difficult time. If you want to present more evidence, use this article that challenges assumptions people make about those who see a therapist.

You Would Get a Gift Card for Everyone, But There’s Only So Much Money

This gift card is a way of sharing the wealth. You would like it if everyone you know used Talkspace, but no one has money for that many gift cards. Let the recipient know he or she is on a short list of people you care about enough to send this special gift.

You Care About This Person — End of Story

That brings us to our last point: above all else, you care about this person. Buying them some sweets or clothes will bring them joy for a season, but only something like Talkspace therapy truly provides lasting happiness and a better life.

Send a gift card

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