How to Find Out if a Therapist is Licensed: Steps to Verify a License

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When you consider trusting someone with your secrets and working with them to improve your life and mental health, you deserve to know they are legitimate. That’s why finding out if a therapist [psychotherapist] is licensed is worth it. If you use the advice and steps we’ve outlined below, you’ll have more peace of mind before you start therapy.

Skip the Verification Work — Use an Online Therapy Network

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Each Talkspace chatroom page lists the therapist’s license number. You can also request it.

When you sign up for an online therapy network such as Talkspace, you don’t need to check any therapist’s license. To provide clients the best care possible and avoid legal issues, online therapy networks conduct thorough license and background checks on all therapists they work with. Continue reading How to Find Out if a Therapist is Licensed: Steps to Verify a License

Have You Heard of Neurocounseling?

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The Counseling Program at Bradley University produced this infographic to spread awareness about neurocounseling.

With the help of brain imaging technology, researchers are developing a better understanding of how mental illnesses have a basis in our brains. This knowledge is reshaping how we define and diagnose many conditions. One field of counseling is using this knowledge to shape treatment plans.

This emerging field is called neurocounseling. Psychologists are effectively using it to treat people with depression, seizures, ADHD, sleep disorders and a broad range of other mental health problems.

Because our brains are developing and creating new neural pathways well into adulthood — a concept called neuroplasticity — clinicians are learning how therapy can treat clients’ brains, not only their behaviors.

The infographic below illustrates what neurocounseling is and how it can help individuals with a variety of mental conditions and disorders.  Continue reading Have You Heard of Neurocounseling?

Miscarriage: You Are Not Alone

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“Why do I still feel so sad,” my client said. She was crying in my office after losing her baby when she was 16 weeks pregnant.

“I shouldn’t still feel this sad.”

It had been many weeks since her miscarriage, but the emotional scars and pain were still poignant. My client had a hard time feeling like she had permission to have her feelings of grief and loss.

Miscarriage didn’t feel like a legitimate loss for her. There was no funeral. Many people didn’t know she was pregnant. She was walking around with a loss she felt she couldn’t tell others about. Continue reading Miscarriage: You Are Not Alone

Meet Our Therapists: Patricia Petrone

talkspace therapist bio

Name: Patricia Petrone
Licensing Info: LMHC, NYS, License no. 006722
Where you live: Rochester, NY
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Amount of time working at Talkspace: five months
Time working as a Therapist: five Years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

I have a passion for helping my clients to become — or get back to — their best selves, whatever that may mean for them. The journey is different for everyone. Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Patricia Petrone

The Top Innovations in Mental Health Care and Technology

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Because of the stigma of mental illness and systemic flaws that limit access to mental health care, people want less frustrating and more affordable paths to improving their mental health. Companies, academic researchers and government organizations are creating innovations in mental health care and technology to reach these consumers.

In spite of these efforts, there are still millions of people who give up on improving their mental health because they are not aware of these innovations. By looking at the innovations below and spreading the word, you can present them with more options and offer another chance to live a happier life. Continue reading The Top Innovations in Mental Health Care and Technology

Infertility: Everything You Need to Know to Cope

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You think you have all the time in the world. When you’re ready to get pregnant it will just happen.

People don’t talk about the difficulty that can accompany pregnancy. They assume it will be easy because people rarely mention infertility. No one thinks of the possibility that it could take years to get pregnant. They don’t consider the thousands upon thousands of dollars they could spend trying to get pregnant. You might not consider the toll infertility could have on most if not all the relationships in your life.

If you’re struggling to cope with infertility, you are not alone. Continue reading Infertility: Everything You Need to Know to Cope

Could a Robot Be a Decent Therapist?

Ellie therapist bot Talkspace conference

We’ve seen advanced artificial intelligence capable of holding a conversation such as Siri, IBM’s Watson and Microsoft’s Cortana. But could any robot — even something designed only for psychotherapy and more advanced than the aforementioned AIs — be a decent therapist?

People have used bots for therapy, but it’s not clear whether they could surpass human therapists in our lifetime. Looking at the past, present and possible future of robots as therapists will give you an idea of how effective they could be. Continue reading Could a Robot Be a Decent Therapist?

Meet Our Therapists: Samantha White

Samantha White Talkspace Therapist Author

Name: Samantha White
Licensing info: MSW, LCSW, LICSW, licensed in Massachusetts and Florida
Lives in: Florida
Originally from: Massachusetts
Time at Talkspace: 1 year
Time as a Therapist: Over 20 years

Why are you working in therapy/mental health?

I entered the field of mental health in the aftermath of my daughter’s death by homicide. I fell apart. I was no longer able to work in my previous profession of health care administration, and went back to school to train and imbue my life with purpose. I wrote about this experience in my award-winning book, “Someone to Talk To: Finding Peace, Purpose, and Joy After Tragedy and Loss.”  Continue reading Meet Our Therapists: Samantha White

The Evolution of Therapy Through the Eyes of Renowned Therapist Irvin Yalom

Irvin Yalom Talkspace future of therapy conference Iris Reitzes

Because therapist Irvin Yalom has practiced psychotherapy for more than six decades, he has witnessed and played a role in the evolution of therapy.

Dr. Yalom is the professor emeritus of psychiatry at Stanford University, a renowned existential psychotherapist, the author of bestselling novels and psychology books, and one of Talkspace’s clinical advisors (he works closely with our head of clinical development, Nicole Amesbury).


He delivered the keynote address at our clinical conference, The Future of Therapy. Yalom told the story of his career in psychotherapy and how he watched the profession transform through several stages. Continue reading The Evolution of Therapy Through the Eyes of Renowned Therapist Irvin Yalom

Everything You Missed at the 2016 Future of Therapy Conference

Talkspace conference Freud character

If you missed our clinical conference, The Future of Therapy, don’t worry! This post will retroactively bring the experience to you. After all, Talkspace is all about virtually providing services for people who can’t make it in-person or prefer the online experience.

9:30-10:30 a.m. — Meeting People In-Person for the First Time

Our virtual tour of The Future of Therapy begins with attendees entering Cedar Lake, a historic multi-use event space in Manhattan.

cedar lake Talkspace conference
all photos by Liz Clayman Photography

The hall was filled with long wood tables, Talkspace memorabilia, complimentary snacks, free copies of Psychology Today and an increasing number of attendees looking for familiar faces — or unfamiliar ones. The attendees were a mixture of panelists, speakers, people who represent companies innovating in health care and technology, therapists, reporters, venture capitalists and Talkspace staff and community members. All of them wanted to learn, network or promote their brand or cause. Continue reading Everything You Missed at the 2016 Future of Therapy Conference