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Is 'Climate Despair' Making People Depressed?

Researchers have identified over ten psychological consequences due to climate change. Discover the ways that climate change is impacting our mental health.
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Back To Reality: How To Get On Track After Too Much YOLO

After stretches of fun lasting days or weeks, it can be difficult to return to the real world. Dive into tips for getting your mental health back on track.
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Don't Text Your Ex

You know that moment of indecision when your ex reaches out? Just...don't. Inside we detail four productive alternatives while you leave them on "read."
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How to Have an Awesome Existential Crisis

Does anxiety around your life's purpose overwhelm you? Read how to own your identity and soar past the unrealistic expectations we set for ourselves.
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4 Ways to Ditch the Comparison Game on Social

Research shows comparing yourself to others on social media leads to feelings of depression. Learn why we compare, and how to stop social media jealousy.
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A Therapist's Guide to Getting Unstuck

Are you stuck or lacking a clear direction forward in certain areas of your life? Let a Talkspace therapist walk you through breaking free of the rut.
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7 Ways to Take a Mental Health Vacation (Without Getting on a Plane)

If you can't hop a plane to an exotic destination, unwind and reset with a mental health vacation at home. Kick your feet up, and enjoy seven ways to rest!
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Mental Health In Bed: Sex and Anxiety

Sometimes mental health issues come up in bed. Anxiety can make it difficult to initiate and enjoy sex. Use the advice in this piece to have a better time.


Can Abusers Change?

Can Abusers Change?

With accusations against powerful abusers filling the news — #MeToo revealed the need for change, but is that really possible for the perpetrators?
Anatomy of My Anxiety

Part I: Anatomy of My Anxiety

Ashley Laderer dives into her first childhood memories of being anxious & the root of her anxiety. Read about how she refuses to let anxiety hold her back.
My Father, Schizophrenic

My Father, My Love, My Schizophrenic

"The majority of schizophrenics harm themselves, not others...they do not stay married, do not remain fathers." The moving memories of a father's illness.
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'I Very Quickly Went Into Debt': The Struggle to Find Affordable Therapy

For some, affording therapy is a choice between mental anguish and financial strain. Find out why so many struggle to get the help they desperately need.


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